PSDP to Fund Rs. 190 Million on Mineral & Water Exploration Projects in Balochistan

Ministry of petroleum has announced two new projects for coal exploration in different areas of Balochistan alongside survey of clean water.

The projects would cost a total of Rs. 190 million according to the officials at the ministry of petroleum. Official sources claim that out of the estimated total cost of Rs. 190.033 million, an amount of Rs. 88.023 million have been allocated to carry out two new schemes for coal exploration and the underground water survey in Nosham and Bahlol Areas of Balochistan.

Public-Sector Development Program

The officials added that these new projects would come under the umbrella of Public-Sector Development Programme (PSDP 2017-18). Rs. 554.291 million would be spent under the program.

Apart from the two new projects, four ongoing projects would be carried under the program.

Balochistan Rich in Resources

Balochistan province is said to be very rich in natural resources. A major part of Pakistan’s gas needs is fulfilled from Sui. Similarly, there are metallic mines in the province waiting to be discovered.

The aim of the ministry of petroleum is to step up exploration activities of natural resources. This would greatly help the country in becoming self-sufficient in the energy sector.

Other Projects

Four drilling rigs and their accessories would be acquired for the Geological Survey of Pakistan. An amount of Rs. 415.807 million has been allocated in this regard.

Another Rs. 37.97 million would be spent on the evaluation of the newly discovered coal resources in Badin and its neighboring areas of Southern Sindh.

Exploration and evaluation of metals and minerals would also be carried out in Bela and Uthal areas of district Lasbella, Balochistan. This would cost Rs. 8.992 million.

Similarly, Rs. 3.492 million has been allocated for search and exploration of Tertiary Coal in the Central Salt Range of Punjab.

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