Parliament House Goes Pink to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

On October 3rd, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, Pakistan’s National Assembly building was illuminated with pink lights in support of Pink Ribbon; which symbolize breast cancer awareness.

This illumination is part of national breast cancer awareness drive which starts from 1st October to 31st of the month. At the parliament house; the illumination will last for three days. Moreover, on October 4th this issue will also be discussed on the assembly floor.

The event is a collaboration between the parliament house administration and Pink Ribbon Pakistan; with special concerns of Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq.

At this occasion Speaker Ayaz Sadiq and other parliamentarian also expressed their concerns over this extremely dominant health issue among Pakistani women.

Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer among all Asian population. It is the most frequent malignancy in women and accounts for 38.5% of all female cancers which is 90,000 new cases every year. About half (43.7%) of all breast cancers are locally advanced amounting to 40,000 deaths per year.

As per the new statistics, almost 10.2 million Pakistani women are at high risk of getting breast cancer in their life span. These alarming stats require serious consideration by every citizen in the country.

While talking to media over the issue Chief Executive Officer Pink Ribbon, Mr. Omer Aftab said,

This is a very significant and historical moment in the fight against breast cancer in Pakistan. Today the issue was discussed on the floor of most prestigious institute of Pakistan. Involvement of such sanctified institute has provided hope to thousands of breast cancer patients in Pakistan. Pink Ribbon has proposed establishment of 5 major breast cancer hospitals in all provincial capitals of Pakistan, this is not just merely a proposal as with the support of public philanthropists we have already started the construction of Pakistan’s first dedicated breast cancer hospital in Lahore.

“If we get the support of state we can make a difference in scenario of breast cancer treatment facilities in Pakistan” said Mr. Aftab.

The illumination of National Assembly remains talk of the town. This is quite important as “to talk” is the first step in saving lives from breast cancer.

  • Good : But Pakistan K Tamam Private & Government Hospital Ko Free Elaj & Treatment Dena Chahyeh iS Mamle Main :
    Her Women School, Collage, University, Private Coaching Center, Etc Main Ja Kar Awareness Program Kare Aur Unhe Facts & Elaaj Bateyeh :

  • Breast feeding reduce the risk of breast cancer, So why not encourage young girls toward marriage instead of teaching them to stay single or delay marriage in the name of so called women empowerment bullshit??

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