LHC Just Accepted a Petition for Treason Against Nawaz Sharif

A Lahori citizen, Jawad Ashraf, has filed a petition against Nawaz Sharif at the Lahore High Court. His petition has been officially registered by the court.

Justice Sardar Ahmad Naeem attended the hearing. The petition requests to file a case against the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for treason against the state. He made speeches criticizing the government institutes and the judicial system, says the petition.

The judge admitted Jawad Ashraf’s application and said that the Police SHO will file a reply by Friday.

Points Made by Jawad Ashraf

The petitioner, Jawad Ashraf, highlighted that after Nawaz Sharif’s fair disqualification he started a rally from Islamabad to Lahore where he criticized and made anti-judiciary remarks. His hate-speech against the state encouraged the citizens to follow the same accord causing unrest and confusion among the people of Pakistan.

His speech included allegations against the Supreme Court’s Joint Investigation Team (JIT) because of their investigation of Nawaz’s offshore assets. Such activity exhibits treacherous intent.

Petitioner Submitted Application to the Police

Jawad Ashraf approached the police first to have an FIR registered against the former prime minister but the police were unwilling to get their hands dirty.

After seeing their disinclination, he decided to take his application to the District Court for their support as he held a strong case. He wanted the court to order the Police to file an FIR against Nawaz Sharif. His expectations were met as LHC has asked the Police to reply Friday.

Via: Tribune

  • The ultimate traitors cases (Nawaz and Musharraf) cases should be heard as a single case. It will be very interesting case.

  • This is again and again endorsing the stance of Nawaz shareef that judiciary is being used as a tool to punish him for two things.
    – Why he even thought about a case against the prime sacred cow – musharraf.
    – Why is he championing CPEC. he should be discredited.

    And look at the PTI. They have become the part of the game. cheap politics that PML-N left a decade before, PTI started from that point again.)

    • o bhai khuda ka khof karo…kuch aqal k nakhun lo…nawaz shareef chor hai ye kiun nai samajh main ata..

      • Yahan kon hai jo chor nahi hai. To phir Ihtisaab sirf NS per hi kyun khatam ho gya?
        Kuch to daal mein kaha hai. Rangers bhi badshah banay huay hein un se to koi nahi puchta.

        • acha sb chor hen to sb ko krne do. Ek ne ki he use to pakro. Use churwao gy to kal ko baqi b kahen gy isy b choro. phr????

    • Same old lame excuse of PMLN k humne falan falan kaam kia to hamaray saath aisa kyun kia.
      Bhai arboun rupay khae hain is chor aur iskay khaandaan ne.

      Princess pe bhi case hai $70M khanay ka abhi tou.

    • CPEC is not being championed by NS. It was Zardari who handed over Gawadar to China and all the rest is credited to him. If you really want to give credit, then zardari desrves. Thori bht history b parha kro. No doubt zardari did for his own comission but he did.

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