Pakistan’s First Football League to Kickoff in FATA on 11th October

After cricket and hockey, Pakistan will now have its very own football league as well. The first Pakistani league — FATA Football Super League (FFSL) — will be held in the FATA region.

We can safely say that peace is returning back to our tribal areas. The league is organized by Shahid Khan Shinwari, who is a former football player. He is also the President FATA Olympic Association and President FATA Football Association

“FFSL is the first football league in the country. There is a craze for football in this country and we believe that we can organize it and give a chance to the people of FATA to show their talent.” said Shinwari in a press conference.

A total of 12 teams will be participating in the league which is all set to be started on October 11th. The event is sponsored by the Japanese Tire producing giant “Bridgestone”. They will also be providing kits to the teams.

Shinwari added that four international players, including two from Indonesia and 2 from Malaysia, will be participating in the league.

Each team will have 8 players from FATA and 7 players from other cities.

Teams Participating In the Event:

  • Khyber Eagles
  • Bajaur Stars
  • Pakir Epi NWFP
  • Waziristan Panther
  • Khyber Green Zalmi
  • Shinwari FC
  • Malik Saad Falcons
  • Al-Hajj Group
  • FAW United
  • Young Jamrud United,
  • Shaheen
  • Gazi Ajab Khan

Half A Million Prize

The winning team will get a prize of Rs.0.5 million while the runner-up team would get Rs.0.3 million.

Best player, top scorer and the best goalkeeper of the tournament will receive Rs. 25000 each. Some of the league’s matches will also be played in North Waziristan and Bajaur Agency.

“Through this league, we want to promote the soft image of Pakistan and FATA” Shinwari added.

The leisure league, played earlier this year, brought some big names like Ronaldinho and Ryan Gigs. It caught the attention of many sponsors, however, the FFSL is not as lucky in that regard and has only one major sponsor.

Sports to Bring Back Peace

Recently, a cricket match was played between Pakistan and UK Media XI in the FATA region. Apart from that, a national football tournament is also being played in FATA.

All these measures are being taken in order to restore peace in the tribal areas and portray a positive image of Pakistan to the world.

  • Future Main National Stadium FATA Shift Kar Dena :
    Karachi HUB Main PCB, Hockey, FIFA Etc Karwa Nahi Pa Rahy Hum Aur FATA Ko Part Bana K Aman Ka Paigham De Rahe hai Duniyah Ko (Mubarak Ho).

  • What does it mean by “Pakistan’s First Football League”, for starters it cannot be called either “First” (As a professional league is already exist) or “Pakistani” (Only FATA). As far as franchise based football league is concerned, it has to be started on the national level. Foreign players, foreign coaches and most importantly international stadiums need to be built first with all the related infrastructure, we are 100 years behind in football, and at least 25 years behind India (A comparison is needed since India was no where in football before 10-15 years). PFF need to be revamped, FIFA has already issued warnings over delay in the elections. The money received by PFF from FIFA has been embezzled by the corrupt President and Ministers.

  • Whatever Pushtoons do is always Pakistan’s first.Why?. Because they lie to their tooth and try to take the full credit of something that is already done before them.
    This is because of their so called Self Pride where they do not accept that they copy ideas from others.
    For the kind information of organizers Pakistan has many regional football leagues. Kindly check out regional football leagues and then call it the Pakistan’s first.

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