A-Level Students Can No Longer Apply for MBBS & BDS in Pakistan on Foreign Quota

A level students are no longer allowed admissions in MBBS and BDS on foreign quota.

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), in a recent meeting, declared that A-level students are not entitled to apply for admissions to MBBS/BDS programs at public and private medical and dental colleges of the country on foreign quota.

A level (Advance Level) is a subject based qualification conferred as a part of GCE (General Certificate of Education. Both, O level (ordinary level) and A level come under the British Council.

New Regulations

The PMDC meeting was chaired by Federal Minister Saira Afzal Tarrar. In this meeting it was then declared that Pakistani A level students can not be admitted to any private medical college after the implementation of regulations of Oct 2016.

“No candidate shall be eligible for foreign quota seats in public and private medical and dental institutions under sub-regulations (1) and (2) unless he/she holds a permanent foreign nationality or dual nationality or overseas Pakistani students and who have physically studied and passed secondary certificate (SSC) and HSSC passing 12th grade examination or equivalent from outside Pakistan during his/her stay abroad and having a certificate from the institution last attended to this effect,” quoted by the officials.

She exclaimed that the former A level students getting admitted in private medical and dental institutions in Pakistan were on the basis of 2013 PMDC Regulations. She said,

Pakistani national students who have passed an examination equivalent to intermediate level of Pakistan from a foreign university or examining body or foreign education system with three subjects out of which biology and chemistry are essential subjects shall be eligible to appear in the entry test for admission to MBBS/BDS.

Decreasing Admissions

Out of 41,677 A level grads who applied in medical and dental institutions in 2013-14, 7.2 percent (2,981) were placed under the category of non-FSc qualification.

The new PMDC regulations of rejecting the A level students from the medical and dental fields, has jeopardized the future of these students as the ratio dropped from 7.2 to 6.7 percent.

This month, entry tests of MBBS/BDS will be conducted, but the embargo has worried the parents and students.

Via Dawn

Update: Headline updated to more accurately reflect the content of the article

  • This article with this headline is an example of extremely pathetic journalism simply designed to serve as clickbait and to provide an absolutely unnecessary dose of equally unneeded anxiety to O and A Level students.

    I mean what are you even actually trying to achieve here?

    The headline suggests that people who do their O and A levels from Pakistan can’t get admission into ANY BDS or MBBS institution, whereas the content of the article states that children won’t be able to apply on FOREIGN SEATS as people usually did.

    The policy serves to close a loop hole in the system which allowed A Level students who hadn’t ever left Pakistan and who in essence were not “foreign students” to apply on foreign seats, pay a higher fee in private colleges and study MBBS/BDS.

    You’re going to give parents and children a heart attack with this misleading headline. Change it. Please.

    • So that’s what it was. Makes sense. Otherwise it made no sense to deprive A-level peeps admission since they’re in a better standing than us Fsc peeps.

      • They’re just fixing a loop hole, that’s all. People who do A levels aren’t always in a better standing though. It depends on the person. I’ve seen plenty of people who have done FSc, and who are simply brilliant. A levels is a better education system with regards to their approach to problem solving, but I wouldn’t say that all A Level students are better than FSc students, just like that.

        I get what you were trying to say though, and I agree. Makes no sense to deprive students this way, since they’re deserving nonetheless.

        • Indeed, bu problem-solving is wayyy more important than simply knowing things. I have a lot of friends from both O/A-levels and FSc, both smart and relatively less smart from sides. The smartest people I know did FSc, but my ‘relatively less smarter’ A-level friends just plainly have better analytical and problem-solving skills than my average ‘smart’ FSc friends.

          But still, I don’t know why the writer even believed this kind of thing was even possible.

          • Individual student aside, the medium of education in O/A levels is 100% a lot better than our FSc/Matriculation.

            Yes there are brilliant students but that is another thing.

            Just like a pro gamer can still play adequately on a cheap PC but a noob gamer still cant do shiet on an expensive rig.

            • I agree wholeheartedly. Very well put. Here’s to hoping the education system gets a revamp in a positive sense, so that they can stop punishing people for doing A levels, by unjust equivalence formulae and entry tests inherently rigged against these kids as well.

              One can dream, I suppose.

          • True, I do agree. I just wish the institutions here would stop singling O and A Level kids and pushing them into a corner. It’s depressing.

    • Just being clear, this means that ‘Pakistani students’ who complete their A-Levels (in Pakistan) can proceed towards a medical career after appearing in the MCAT exams and get selected in universities on an open merit rather then on a foreign quota as it was before, right?

  • It is quite stupid and ridiculous thing to do this……A Levels studies are better than normal one…..since it is based completely on concepts and has a much better system than normal one….

    • On foreign quota you CANNOT apply if you have done O/A levels from Pakistan or don’t have foreign nationality.

      It is FOREIGN quota. Makes sense.

    • Then why are these so called “BETTER STUDENTS” are wasting so much of their precious time in this “NORMAL COUNTRY”, they should be kicked out, if they all think the same way you think. All education modules were made to develop & enhance the capabilities, personality, honesty & to give the vision or in short a PROPER HUMAN BEING.NOT AN ARROGANT FILTHY SUPERIOR.
      Wo azeeem shaks ny kaha tha “TALEEM HASIL KERO QABIL BAN’NAY KAY LEYIA, NA K JAANWAR (donkey or dog) BAN’NAY K LEYIA”…..

      • who said they are wasting their time…? DID YOU EVEN READ WHAT I COMMENTED.i will ask you simply this ‘are concepts better than craming?’

  • Request to Mr Amir Ata sahab kindly maintain the credibility of this blog, this sort of head lines and intro can’t be expectected here.Is it some lollywood gossip blog ?
    NOW comming to the issue, i will explain it in MBBS/bds their is quota seats of foriegn students, In both govt & private sector , earlier students with a levels gave SAT test, and could apply on foreign seats also, unlike the rest of students who give entry test and apply on open merit seats.
    Under the new policy they have made it clear that the qualification i.e alevels etc also must be done from foreign country if someone wants to apply on foreign seats

  • Aamir, no offence, but you ought to be ashamed of letting BS like this pass of as ‘articles’ on your website. The popularity of ProPakistani seems to have made you believe you can post anything without consequences.

  • Excellent decision. We should discourage all other education Systems and promote our hsc and fsc system. And all should work on to improve that.

    • They are NOT discouraging O, A levels, They have only restricted A level admission into MBBS BDS on “Foreign Quota”. Other than this, there is no change in policy.

  • militant MI6 terrorist organization supports london based terrorist.

    Will Oxford University Press teach these O/A Levels students abt British Monarch/East India Company/MI6 war crimes against humanity? I don’t think so!

  • I think matriculation examination and Fsc aswell has no value because it was totally rattaism and the checkers only check that each and every word should be matched from the books and students have no concept but o,levels or Alevels iz most better becuz there is no rattaism and no sifarish students are only judged on their education or knowledge so i think this was not right with Pakistani A,O levels students its just not fair they really do struggle and hardwork if our country rejects these talents so obviously the others should must get benefit pakistani students are going to abroad and strengthen their powers and we are becoming weaker due to our own ego

    • fyi this article is clickbait…what they meant was olevel students wont be able to apply in MBBS BDS colleges through “FOREIGN QUOTA”…they are still eligible to apply to these colleges

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