Punjab Food Authority to Ban Sale of Banaspati Ghee

Due to perilous effects of banaspati ghee, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has come to the decision to ban the manufacture and sale of banaspati ghee by July 2020. It was further decided by the authority to regulate the quantity of trans fats (trans fatty acid) to 0.5%.

This decision was made in a meeting held on Wednesday by the Science Panel of provincial food ombudsman.

Its was observed by the panel that a high quantity of trans-fatty acids, palmitic acid and nickel were added in the manufacture of banaspati ghee which serves as a ‘catalyst’ and is the root cause of lethal diseases like obesity, diabetes, mental disease, heart diseases and cancer.

As mentioned above, Codex Alimentarius Commission standards, the expert panel decided to restrain trans-fatty acids to 0.5 per cent. Manufacturers have been given 3 years to discontinue their banaspati ghee products. They are to alter or find alternative production chains by then as such products will be banned in Punjab by 2020.

The estimated annual consumption of cooking oil and ghee for each person is around 18 kilograms in Pakistan, whereas its only three kilograms in Europe, informed by PFA Director General Noorul Amin Mengal.

By keeping these facts in view, the public must be made aware that olive oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil and other vegetable oil should be consumed instead of banaspati ghee.

He appreciated PFA’s attempts to protect the health of the people in the province. The authority is aiming to control the lawlessness surrounding food services in Pakistan and how it has been hindering the growth and affecting the health of its people.

  • Now After July 2020, Inflation would be increase in Punjab :

  • Xahid

    Lets Hope, Punjab food authority will work in Sindh and whole Pakistan :)

    • Punjab Foods Authority have no Authorized to Work in Sindh Premises :

      Chief Minister Muraad Ali Shah (Na Kaam Karne Wala)

  • Muhammad Ali Qureshi

    A good step, we should appreciate the good work !

    • PFA Should give them another resources otherwise Inflation :

  • Hassan

    Please don’t call it ghee. it’s not ghee at all. real ghee is completely organic and natural product. This unhealthy product is Banaspati.

  • Salman Haider

    پاکستان کے شہروں میں اچھے بھلے تعلیم یافتہ لوگوں کو بازاری خوراک کھاتے دیکھ کر بہت افسوس ہوتا ہے.
    جب ان سے کہاں جائے کہ یہ اشیاء صحت کے لیے مضر ہیں تو کہتے ہیں کہ یار کچھ نہیں ہوتا، سارے لوگ کھا رہے ہیں.
    اتنی زیادہ ٹینشن نہ لے.
    جب تعلیم یافتہ طبقے کا یہ عالم ہے تو پھر ان پڑھ لوگوں سے کیا گلہ.

  • Abu Ahmed

    بناسپتی گھی کا متبادل کیا ھے ؟؟