COMSATS Fires 300 Employees in One Day

More than 300 employees have been sacked by COMSATS which is one of the largest staff terminations in the history of Pakistan.

The fired employees include teachers, contractual workers and daily waged labors such as sweepers. This sudden termination will adversely effect the people who used to work on daily wages and who were the sole bread earners for the entire family.

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COMSATS Institute of Information Technology is a famous, multi-campus public research institute of Pakistan. It came into being in 1994 by the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development.

A few of these workers had a work history of more than 13-years with the organization.

Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) is deeply saddened and has condemned this act of brutal firing. The terminations were sudden and did not follow the general rules for relieving staff, as stated by the FAPUASA.

They said that every institute or company has a set termination procedure which they have to follow in case they need to fire employees but COMSATS did not follow any rule and laid off 300 employees in one day without prior notice.

FAPUASA has requested that COMSATS should take back their employees as they it did not follow the prevalent rules.

The President, Prime Minister and the Minister of Science and Technology have also demanded FAPUASA to investigate the matter and try to restore it back to normal.

We hope that FAPUASA meets it’s target and the unfortunate sacking is rolled back.

    • Haan toh jabb aap kai ghareeb wazeer azam choree kar kay apnay khaandaan kaa paith bhar saktay hain…toh woh kyoon nahee…..woh toh chotee chote chorian karein gay…..aap kay wazer azam toh poora mulk hee harap karr gaye hain…..

      • Lagta ha tumhara masla SC mai bethay judges aur GHQ ky generals sy bhe bara ha jisko Nawaz choor nahe galay ki haddi nazar aata ha. Choor ka to sirf shoor ha. Mulk jahan ha wahan sy bohat pechay tha Nawaz sy phly, lakin tum jaisay aqal ky …

    • o reason kyaa pocchnaa ….karzay lo auur metro banao yaar….naukrion kaa kyaa karnaa hai……hum toh roadein torain gay auur metro banain gay,,,,

  • Idiots . if an educational institute can’t do it ethically then i don’t blame large companies. They should have given them at least one month notice period.

  • They should have at least given 1 month prior notice (totally un-ethical)… its a semi govt. institution, was severely over employed… Most of the employees were hired on the basis of relationships/favors (non merit)… so whenever a business honestly does a cost-benefit or ROI analysis these things happen…

  • HAHAH i have been a student in COMSATS, in wah campus the exam department , is influenced by individuals and they openly admit, hundrads of students while PEC or HEC allows only a specific number of students to be graduated each years, as a result Half of the students are failed in there first smester and , aal money they paid , goes in pockets of uni management , that is what was happening then, and hope so its happening now also

  • All these guys blaming it on COMSATS administration, you should look what the scenario is? COMSATS was hugely over employed, and radical changes have happened in the top management of COMSATS in the recent past (after, like, 10 odd years), most of the employees were hired without following the rules, and the post clearly says those were daily wage workers, so chances for a contract are very low. Also who knows they gave a prior notice way before? This is a great step to get the useless staff out of the organization.

    • Aray Bhai…agar comsats nai yeh kaam karnaa hai toh kyaa parliament ko yeh kaam nahee karnaa chahiye…police ko nahee karnaa chahiye…..pia ko nahee karnaa chahiye….choro yaar…ghaur say dekho gay toh poora mulk hee useless Nazar aaye gaa aap ko….

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