Govt Efforts Are Transforming KPK, Claims Minister

According to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government, on Monday, about 156,000 students were convinced to transfer to government-run schools.

Atif Khan, Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education, claimed that the improvements made in educational sector and services provided to public schools was proof that a change for the better was evident.

He added that this was also the cause of an increase in the transfer of students from private to public schools last year.

Regarding corruption, Khan said that it needs to be dealt with accordingly. Plus, in his opinion, Pakistan is no short of resources and talented individuals to develop as a country.

Noting the improvements in law and order, Atif says:

Eradication of corruption is at the top of the agenda for the PTI government in the province.

Atif added that the police and justice system of the province was being made quite similar to those followed in foreign countries. He was also convinced that political interference in health and education sectors was completely wiped away.

While pointing to 32 surgeons and specialists working at the Lady Reading Hospital who had returned after studying abroad he told, “So much so that over 40,000 people were recruited on merit and not a single of them is even alleged to have been recruited without merit. The same can be said of the health situation.”

Atif also discussed the problems PTI faced while cleaning up the corrupted province. He added that if it were not for PTI’s steadfast will and the determination to do good, nothing would have been achieved.

He is also of the fact that to develop as a nation, one has to forgo begging from others.

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