PIA Planning to Sell the ‘Missing’ Aircraft

A senior official in the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) reported that the national airline is considering selling the aircraft which went ‘missing’ earlier and was later found in a German museum. The spokesperson from PIA, Mashhood Tajwar, said,

We are trying to find a solution to the problem. The Airbus is not missing; it is currently in Germany. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is conducting a probe into the entire episode, which is yet to be completed.

It will be carried out strictly in accordance with Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules and all formalities will be fulfilled.

Previously, the plane which in the beginning, officials claimed went ‘missing’ into thin air, was found in Germany. The PIA management caused a controversy as they didn’t know if another plane had also gone missing.

The Airbus was actually sold to a museum in Leipzig but there’s nothing on the Boeing aircraft, if it was indeed missing. Before appearing in the museum, it was chartered in a British movie as well – the people behind this enjoyed the proceeds from this plane well.

The former CEO of PIA, Bernd Hildenbrand is a German citizen. The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Sheikh Aftab Ahmad told the Senate that the German CEO flew the plane to his home when he left Pakistan.

There is an entire stream of irregularities in this laughable case – a senior PIA official said,

The plane had already completed its flying hours and was no longer airworthy. It’s a 30-year-old aircraft and had already been grounded.

He also said that the film company paid PIA $200,000 as rent for that plane.

Bernd Hildenbrand has his name in the Exit Control List (ECL) and somehow his name had been removed – he is said to be in Germany enjoying his proceeds, showcasing the effectiveness of Pakistani authorities.

Via Dawn

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    The plane could easily have been tracked on FR24, and it still shows that it hasn’t moved from Leipzig airport. I’m surprised the ‘intelligence agencies’ took so long to figure out where it was.

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