Anger as TV Host Tries to Make Imam Ul Haq’s Selection a Controversy

The young left-handed opening batsman, Imam ul Haq proved his mettle in the top order by scoring a magnificent century on debut, becoming only the second Pakistani to do so.

There were talks of him being selected in the team due to his relationship with the Chief Selector since he is the nephew of Inzamam ul Haq.

Social media keeps an eye on such controversies and when sports journalist Zainab Abbas pointed out his family ties with the chief selector of Pakistan, it led to a never-ending debate at the microblogging platform.

She tweeted about Imam’s debut match referring to him as ‘Inzamam-ul-Haq’s nephew‘.

There were enough people in favour of Imam and it backfired pretty quickly for Zainab.

His class and talent was on display in the first match, for sure!

Those who follow cricket pointed out his journey to the international cricket.

He has his own identity and people reminded her of that.

And what a way to start an international career!

And again.

She didn’t think she would be regretting her tweet after the match!

And it took one innings to change the perspective of people about his selection.

He has definitely got everyone talking and if the speedster Shoaib says something about him, he must be special.

And the usual Twitter things.

Former cricketers are all praise for the talented youngster.

It may be too early to say, but another ‘Ul-Haq’ in the making.

It must be tough for Ahmed Shahzad though!

Cricket analysts praised the chief selector for his genius moves.

Scoring a hundred on debut is a remarkable feat for a young cricketer. He is the third youngest player to score a ton on debut.

Imam took the advice of the Professor and stunned the critics.

Players from other sports also admired his innings.

And then there were those who could relate this performance to their student life.

Zainab may not have meant what the people perceived, but she definitely needs to choose her words wisely. It escalates very quickly on social media and she would know it by now.

Feature Writer