#JoMeinChahoon is Being Called a Game Changer But Who’s Behind This Campaign?

Pakistan is beset with a lot of problems. Corruption, poverty, inequality, intolerance amongst many other issues.

But where some see no light at the end of the tunnel, others see a lot of potential to turn things around. After all, there is no light without darkness.

In order to do this, Pakistan needs to do a lot better in honing, nurturing and grooming its most valuable commodity of all – its citizens. The country needs to arm its coming generations with the knowledge, tools, resources and know-how so that the only limit they face in realizing their dreams is their own imagination.

In this respect, things are changing for the better, and we’ve received word that multinationals and corporate concerns in Pakistan are refocusing their efforts into tapping into the talent that this country has to offer.

A new initiative #JoMeinChahoon is being launched in this regard. ‘Jo Mein Chahoon’ (loosely translated to ‘whatever I want’) is poised to become a major campaign.

Though we don’t have more details about who is behind this campaign for now, what we do know about it that it is nothing short of massive, based on the extensive pre-hype interest behind it.

More importantly, there has been a flurry of media buying concerning this campaign, even during the pre-hype phase. All signs indicate that there are big budgets involved.

What’s more interesting is that this is going to be the first time that a multinational may have used a hashtag as their tagline for the campaign

The campaign has tapped several major publishers in the country already. Expect more details to drop in from October 25th, 2017 onwards behind the goal, vision and the mission behind this campaign.

Despite the extensive media interest surrounding #JoMeinChahoon (which is rumored to be backed by a major multinational corporation, maybe even the first time that it has thrown its weight behind such a campaign), it is yet to be ascertained if this is a brand or product launch or a new service.

Questions Abound Behind This Massive Campaign

Granted that there are a lot of questions behind this mystery campaign. But there are a few things that we can safely assume for now regarding the #JoMeinChahoon initiative.

Interestingly, the use of a hashtag by the entity behind this campaign indicates one thing – how brands and companies are now more mindful of the value and power that social media has, especially in Pakistan. A lot of companies are waking up to this development, hoping to leverage the use of social media and score big in PR.

So why use a hashtag? Especially for a huge campaign? The explosion of social media in Pakistan and the way it has provided a platform to individuals to voice their opinion is why.

We have seen how social media has ensured that entrepreneurs build interest for their products and services. We have also seen how tech-savvy journalists and politicians are using Twitter and Facebook to dissemate their messaging to millions of Pakistanis. We have also seen it making (or breaking) the careers of both new and upcoming stars as well as veterans.

Social media sure has surpassed every other communication medium available to human beings, with instant results.

Social Media is Paving the Way for a New Generation

In this day and age, making your voice heard remains a challenge. But thanks to social media, that barrier has lessened to a major extent. Now a common man just needs the internet and a social media handle to pour their heart out and reach millions and millions of people online.

And what makes social media so accessible for many? Its free to use, and doesn’t require much before you can start airing your thoughts. No huge budgets needed as your post does the rounds on social media and makes you an instant celebrity from Sahiwal to San Francisco.

The backers behind #JoMeinChahoon happen to realize this. All signs indicate that this new campaign is going to capitalize the potential of social media as a strong and accessible tool to make a difference. In fact, we are already seeing individuals sharing their dreams with the hashtag #JoMeinChahoon.

A mere hashtag isn’t enough. It needs to be catchy and emotive at the same time so that people can relate to it and share their powerful thoughts. #JoMeinChahoon ‘s main strength is that it lends itself open to a dozen interpretations. Will it be a catalyst for fostering social or individual change? Will it become the vehicle for airing grievances and potential solutions? Will it usher in a new generation of can-do individuals who want to make a lasting change in the lives of their countrymen? The possibilities seem endless.

While there could be tons of hurdles and challenges that may limit our capacity to achieve something, the campaign apparently wants us to share our ideas regardless of how hard and tough they are in the real world.

It would be interesting to know what our readers have got in their minds, about the campaign and their wildest dreams!

What is your biggest dream? What is it that you want out of life? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

  • who started this campaign ?
    it will be a big disappointment when we find it out it was another corporate / company behind it where people started getting all personal … later their heart felt shared experiences were turned into someone’s business ! It will NOT be cool I tell you !

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