Apple Kills the 256GB iPhone 7 to Boost iPhone 8 Sales

With the launch of iPhone X just around the corner, Apple needs to ensure that it makes the most out of the iPhone 8 sales until its new product is fully launched.

The company announced its release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, followed by a revision of the iPhone 7 offerings, last month.

Previously, the iPhone 7 came with a storage option of 256 GB, however Apple reverted this offering: iPhone 7 is now available in either 32 GB or 128 GB models.

The 256 GB model is now reserved for the iPhone 8 only. The news was confirmed by an Apple customer service representative.

Apple’s move seems like another attempt to encourage consumers to go for its pricey “upgrades” rather than an attempt to launch a product with a better feature set.

The iPhone 8

Even if people overlook the advantages of the iPhone 8: a more powerful processor and wireless charging, the 256 GB option will force some of the people to buy it.

A larger capacity means:

  • High-quality videos and photos
  • The ability to download large apps
  • The ability to save videos, movies and music etc

Apple’s Continual Struggle

Apple has been in a continuous struggle to increase its demand of iPhone 8 and with iPhone X on its way next month, its demand is likely to decrease further.

Evaluations and reports also suggest that people would preferably buy an iPhone 7 rather than an iPhone 8. Also, Google search results show that iPhone 7 was searched many more times by people compared with the iPhone 8.

Galaxy S7 Better Than iPhone 8?

Recently, Consumer Reports recommended the Galaxy S7 over the iPhone 8 even though they both got the same score (80).

Read More: Galaxy S7 is a Better Purchase Than The iPhone 8: Consumer Reports

The S7 was recommended due to better call quality and battery life.

    • Not really, analysts ne to start mein bata diya tha aur Apple bhi janta tha k iPhone 8/8+ ki sale kam rahe gi aur ab unhon ne production bhi kam kar li hai kyun k log iPhone X ka intezar kar rahe hain

  • They do this every year. Some storage SKUs on older models are discontinued when a new model comes out. But please, continue with the ill-informed clickbait BS.

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