Huawei Ships 100 Million Phones in 2017

Huawei added yet another accolade to its record-breaking year in the smartphone industry. In the latest development, the company has registered smartphone shipments north of 100 million during the first 9 months of 2017.

The number represents an increase of 19% over the same quarter one year ago. The number also reflects positively on the operating revenue of Huawei, which is up 30% over the same time last year, though, we don’t know if it is followed by an increase in overall costs.

The company hopes to ship more than the 140 million units than it did last year. Based on the figures for these past few months, that target now seems easily achievable.

As evident with the release of the new flagships, Huawei is now quickly expanding into the profitable upper-end of the market, a point it further emphasized:

With over 10,000 employees around the world working on research and development, we expect to win more high-end customers, as there is more profit in high-end sector.

Over the past few months, the company has also expanded its global retailer network to more than 42,300 parties worldwide, tapping its rivals’ territories. That itself is an increase of 19 percent over the same time last year, with the resultant increase in sales being just as high.

Recently, Huawei overtook Apple as the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer.

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That spot is likely being consolidated now with ever-impressive sales figures, coupled with the supply and demand issues for Apple.

Huawei phones are individually not present in the year-end lists of best-selling phones, which is a void that needs to be filled, though the new Mate 10’s might avert that trend.

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