ProPakistani’s Journey Over the Past Decade #JoMeinChahoon

The year was 2008 and Pakistan still had a long way to go before most of its citizens could go online.

While the booming telecom sector of the yesteryears had ensured that many Pakistanis could use the internet, with just 2 million out of 140 million citizens accessing it, the challenge before us was real.

Someone needed to take the initiative. To get Pakistanis from all sections of society up to speed about the advances in technology and how they could all stand to benefit from it.

ProPakistani was born out of that simple need and promise. We wanted everyday Pakistanis to understand that their future was bright.

With the country’s telecom sector bringing in new investments and technology, it was time for more and more Pakistanis to know what was going on behind the scenes.

The latest insights, scoops, breaking news – we had it all. A name that everyone could trust and rely on, with every day coverage of the latest happenings in Pakistan’s technological landscape.

In time, ProPakistani became more than that.

How do we get a lot of Pakistanis to care about their digital rights? How do we educate them about the wonders of technology and the internet in a language everyone understands? Bear in mind that not many people used the internet in those days, and we had a responsibility to shift the negative connotations towards a conversation for the better.

The people needed a voice to rally them, a platform that could slowly but surely help them realize the potential that exists in the knowledge age.

A decade later, here we are. The 3G/4G revolution happened. The country’s startup scene slowly but surely started to come into its own. Ride-hailing apps and communications platforms are now fighting for a slice of the pie that is Pakistan’s 44 million strong (and growing) online population.

ProPakistani is proud to be part of that change, keeping people informed of the latest happenings and developments as they happen. We have made an impact not just in the telecom sector, but in various other categories as well – education, sports, automobiles, defence, government news, to name but a few.

We have supported the country’s startup ecosystem, helping bring visibility to a lot of budding entrepreneurs and their vision for the future by highlighting the best talent that our nation has to offer and more.

Pakistan is still trying to bring the majority of its citizens online. But now we have seen what’s possible and we have just started to scratch the surface.

Rest assured, ProPakistani hopes to keep its mission alive in the years ahead.

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  • I am one of the first readers. Content quality is going down a bit but it is also challenging to produce new contents about IT and Telecom.. More headlines about CPEC and Gwadar port. :-)

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    No doubt, ProPakistani is an awesome blog.
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