Governor House in Murree Gets Rs. 600 Million Worth of Gold Plated Toilets

Pakistan is “home” to 20 million homeless people. This isn’t just another ordinary number, it makes up 10% of the total population. While these 20 million people are living in slums or have no roof over their heads, Governor House Murree has been refurbished at a cost of Rs. 600 million or 60 crores, according to Senator Sherry Rehman.

This doesn’t just point out the thoughtless spending of government. It also highlights how false the claims serving the people are.

While the governor chose to upgrade his lavish vacation house using public funds, 20 million people are on the roads trying to find a way to feed their hungry children.

Pakistan is among 10 worst countries with regards to access to toilets. There are around 40 million people that have little to no access to toilets in Pakistan. On the other hand governor house’s toilets got a “golden touch”.

The difference between rich and poor is increasing day by day, this kind of spending serves no purpose other than adding more fuel to the fire that is already burning inside of the poor.

Every year before budget is proposed, government vows to embrace austerity in its spending. However there is always an increase of budget for PM and President Offices and houses when the budget is announced.

PM Secretariat

  • The budget for the year 2015-16: Rs. 842 million
  • The budget for the year 2016-17: Rs. 881.6 million

President House

  • The budget for year 2015-16: Rs. 801 million
  • The budget for year 2016-17: Rs. 863 million

As the PM and President House budget allocations get an increment every year, Pakistan is yet to achieve the 7% GDP allocation for Education as per National Education Policy 2009.

There is no better time than now to realize where Pakistan is heading with the poverty situation. Revolution starts from the bottom, Pakistan will automatically flourish when the poor in the country are happy.

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  • serious correction in above article, these days no body does proof reading at propakistani, 20 million homeless makes total 10% of population not 0.1%

  • I would like to take the government to court for this mindless extravagance. The governor should be sent to jail for this.

  • this is a fake story,, the photo you posted with this is not from Governor house murree,because i visited both Governor houses in Murree, ( one is know upgraded as Presidency Murree) the new one at Bhurban road bilt in 2004-5 by Perviz Elahi dos not have any gold plated or even golden bath room,pls check and rectified your records .

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