Doctor Fired After Sharmeen Obaid’s Tweet Is Now Getting Job Offers

Sharmeen Obaid, an Oscar winning film-maker, has been involved in a controversy for the past few days. One of her tweets lead to a doctor losing his job over ‘harassment,’ and the controversy refuses to die down.

Reportedly, the doctor who got fired was a father of four children and is now unemployed.

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Some prominent personalities have also spoken up against this and highlighted the misuse of power by celebrities in Pakistan.

Now, a hospital has agreed to offer the affected doctor a job under the same pay scale.

Reactions from Media Celebrities and Professionals

This is what Waqar Zaka had to say;

Abdul Basit, a doctor, columnist, and an anchor also had an interesting say on this matter.

Faisal Qureshi, a TV host and a prominent vlogger also recorded his response.

It is safe to say that the furore over this case is not going away anytime soon, unless the next big social media outrage rolls in.

  • Now she’s saying in a tweet that the doctor posted comments on her sister’s facebook profile (have some privacy ffs) and did a ‘very’ private exam in the ward.

    Why are you only adding this now? Or is it even the truth? Or is it to just save face at this time? At this stage, it is more and more appropriate to get both sides of the story.

    • So her profile privacy is Public (anyone can comment) yet she got harassed over a comment/friend request.
      Seems like a new documentary in making.

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