Zong 4G Upgrades its Backbone Transmission Network to 100Gbps

Zong 4G has successfully expanded its backbone transmission network from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps in order to keep up with its rising subscriber base.

Operating the country’s largest 4G network, this large-scale upgrade allows the company to move forward in a new phase of expansion, leading to a more enhanced user-experience in terms of speed and reliability.

The Optical Transport Network (OTN) of cellular operators comprises mostly of a long-haul fiber optic network that forms the figurative backbone of these operators’ entire networks.

The extent and strength of these backbone networks define the overall capacity and speed at which individual connections are made by subscribers both to and within the network and to wider networks such as the Internet.

By expanding its backbone capacity by over 10 times, Zong 4G has not only ensured that its network remains future proof, but has also ensured that its customers are provided with a seamless digital experience unlike anything offered in the industry.

By ensuring ample capacity at the back-end of its network, each and every subscriber on Zong 4G’s network will have access to an uninterrupted voice and data stream, dialed up to the max on the most advanced and widespread 4G network in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Head of Corporate Affairs and Strategy Mr. Maham Dard said,

We are extremely excited to have successfully implemented this upgrade in record time, without any outages or downtimes on our network. Zong 4G is the only cellular operator that remains committed to investing in nothing less than the cutting edge, continuously employing some of the most advanced technology available. I am confident that, this enhancement to our network infrastructure will contribute greatly to quality of service and end-user experience for many years to come.

This upgrade in Zong 4G’s network infrastructure, while offering greater efficiency and reliability to end-users, also offers an immense boost in its current bandwidth capacity. This holds particular benefits for the company’s Enterprise customers as well, allowing for the provision of a wider portfolio of differentiated services.

As Zong receives yet another major technological upgrade, Zong 4G remains well poised to lead Pakistan’s Digital Revolution well into the future.

  • Great achievement by ZONG. Really proud to be a part of this SWAP. My Team did their best to complete the project. Bravo!

  • Their coverage is worst than ever plus 4G speed is pathetic, what are they celebrating, I don’t know how these companies make these big claims, they are totally failure and enjoying freedom of no consumer courts in Pakistan, otherwise they could have upgraded for real or could have left.

      • Real pathetic, I ported from Ufone to zong for 4G it was great, but now in my home one side i get full signals and on other sode i hardly get any signals, call quality is really bad now, even when signals are ful, it never happened, I use to tell everyone about how good is zong but since 7-8 months its getting worst day by day, and whenu call their call center u get into another worst experience specially whenu switch from ufone which has best call center for support, in short instead of improving they are getting down day by day.

        • I face some quality issues last year for around 2 months, because they upgrading their network but after completion I’m getting 12-18 Mbps on 3G and waiting for 4G rollout.

  • Zong is providing the most seamless 4g. They are really good at providing the best services.. no doubt.

  • ZONG should make it a habit to inform its subscribers in advance about the improvement/development work it takes on its network system. Twice ut so happened to me that, I was in utter difficulty because of development work, and could not know its reason. Only after calling the helpline per chance, I could only know that, for such and such dates the service will remain disrupted. Can this not be communicated to the subscribers in time/advance by SMS?

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