Google’s Poly Makes it Easy to Develop VR & AR Environments

Building a virtual reality (VR) or an augmented reality (AR) based app is never easy. While building a virtual application, a developer has to add a lot of detail and design trees, buildings, characters, etc and place them in a manner that a complete 360 degree experience is provided.

For a small company, which doesn’t have a lot of manpower, it might be impossible and at the same time.

Google’s Poly is a cross-platform 3D library for VR/AR content which is completely free for developers. Google Poly includes models of various categories which will help a developer develop an application with ease.

Built for development kits like Google’s own ARCore, or Apple’s ARKit, Poly allows anyone to upload or view 3D objects in a mobile or desktop browser.

Exploring Poly

There are different categories of objects available, these include:

  • Animals and creatures
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Food and drink
  • Nature
  • Objects
  • People and characters
  • Places and scenes
  • Technology
  • Transport

It is very easy to search for different objects, you can go to the search bar and write what you want to search or you can go to a specific category and browse the objects there.

Ease of Use For Developers

The developers can download different objects from Poly and they can directly use the objects or modify the object according to their requirement.

The only problem with Poly one could think of is for 3D modelers who get paid for modeling objects according to the customer’s needs. Now, however, customers will have access to a vast database of 3D objects for free. As Poly is free for all, modelers will not be happy with this because this might damage their business and livelihood.

Via TheNextWeb

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