Balochistan to Install 30,000 Solar Tube-wells

Balochistan is set to replace the conventional electricity-run tube wells with solar powered ones. The project was finalized in a meeting held between Federal and Balochistan government officials. Attendees of the meeting included representatives from Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Finance, and Power Division and Government of Balochistan.

The parties agreed to conduct viability studies for the project that includes installation of 30,000 solar run tube wells. The study is expected to be conducted within one month so that any obstacles lying in the path are cleared.

Expected Benefits

Once completed, the project will result in annual savings of as much as Rs. 23 billion. The government partially sponsors the electricity bills of farmers which costs Rs. 23 billion. Moreover, it will also benefit the farmers as they pay around Rs. 150 billion in electricity bills.

Preventing Electricity  Theft

Theft of electricity will also be minimized as a result of upgradation project. A Baloch government official drew attention to the fact that some of the farmers weren’t paying the utility bills and that this was denting the already crippled economy of the country.

“Electricity theft from these tube wells will come to a halt.” Federal Minister for Power Division Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari said. Further elaborating on how it would happen, he said that any illegal and unauthorized connections will be uncovered when old tube wells will be replaced. He also said that authorities will take strict action against the defaulters.

Cooperation from Authorities

The federal government also vowed to the full support of the tube well project. Participants of the meeting were told that government will provide all the financial and moral aid needed during the project.

“This step will bring an off-grid solution to far-flung areas of Balochistan in the near future,” said the representatives of the government.

Quetta Electric Supply Company (Qesco) will provide technical details to ensure a smooth switch from electricity run to solar powered tube wells.

One for the Future

The project will benefit both government and farmers of Balochistan. Farmers will save the money in electricity bills as solar power is cheap, while the government will amass the money saved from bill subsidy. Along with that it also ensures an environmental friendly and sustainable development.

Via: etribune