Google Fixes Pixel XL 2 With New Software Update

Google’s new flagship Pixel 2 XL phones were plagued with display issues at launch. The company finally acknowledged the issue and promised an update to fix the problem.

To that end, Google has released a new security patch for November which also includes an update that kind of fixes the burn-in issue.

New Color Presets to Fix Things

The new update brings a number of display presets with it, namely: Boosted, Natural and Saturated. The Saturated preset addresses the common issue of washed out colors, by offering a more punchy color set. The option will be available under Settings > Display > Advanced > Colors.

Google is also lowering the peak brightness level that the phone used to have. This will be coupled with the new navigation bar change, which will now disappear automatically when not being used for a while.

Both of these should help with the burn-in issue on existing units. As people had noticed, the outlines of the onscreen buttons were already becoming permanently visible on the phone’s display, especially when viewed against a gray background.

Blue Tint Not Fixed

The blue tint issue is still not solved after the update, as it is believed to be a problem with the display panel itself.

Google has also attempted to take down two birds with one stone by fixing the Pixel 2’s high-pitched, clicking sounds that had plagued some units. Google had previously recommended users to turn off their NFC in the meantime.

KRACK Vulnerability Patched

Lastly, the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability is also being patched, which was an issue pertaining to pretty much all Wi-Fi devices, not just the Pixel phones.

For now, software issues have been fixed for the most part, though the lasting effects on sales remain to be seen. You should wait a few days for the update to kick in if you have not received it yet.

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