#LoJeeLutGaye: Yayvo’s Video Series Sparks Conversations on Our Shopping Experiences

How many times have you bought your favorite products or your groceries, only to find out that the same items are being sold for cheaper and fairer prices elsewhere? Once? Twice? Or just too many times to count?

Every Pakistani has faced this issue at least once in their lifetime. And it’s safe to say that a lot of people can relate to it.

So, how about taking this aspect of our lives and helping legions of Pakistanis recall and narrate their experience? Yayvo’s #LoJeeLutGaye attempts to do just that.

A lot of Pakistani tweeps have already started to share their hilarious musings, especially with the help of memes and GIFs over social media.



To help create a positive buzz for its #LoJeeLutGaye campaign, Yayvo has rolled out a couple of funny shots that Pakistanis may have faced:

When that last season’s jori seems all too tempting for you and the shopkeeper knows it.


When you want the latest iPhone and you get a China copy because you don’t know better


When the customer service representative plays cute with you AFTER you have bought the product


With a couple of short videos starring social media personality Ali Gul Pir (of the ‘Wadera Ka Beta’ fame), Yayvo is looking to start a conversation regarding people’s experiences as they indulge in shopping.

Yayvo.com’s upcoming Black Friday Sale means Pakistanis won’t be facing another #LoJeeLutGaye moment, because Yayvo.com offers:

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Do you have your own shopping story that you can relate to?? Let us know in the comments below.

  • I once bought a electric water heater from daraz and its came with some missing parts. And unfortunately that part was not available separately in Karachi. So I brings them from Saudi Arabia. So I can’t say whether its #LoJeeLutGaye or not.

  • Product must sold online by company itself or by their distributor or resellers. Otherwise product quality or price is questionable.

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