PIA is Targeting Service Contracts Worth Millions to Turn Its Fate Around

PIA has been going through some bad days off late as it continues to incur losses and makes the headlines for the wrong reasons.

The President of the Air League Lahore, Ahmed Butt, might have a plan to turn the tables around. He has been forcing the hands of PIA management to approve contracts for ground handling services to the airlines which plan to start operating in Pakistan within the next couple of months.

Ahmed Butt told the local media that British and Turkish airlines have set up their offices at different airports in Pakistan and will get the ball rolling within the next two months.

Butt thinks that with these contracts PIA could earn millions of dollars. “I have talked to the MD PIA, Capt. Junaid Yunis and DMD for above said purpose and requested them to acquire the said contracts”, he informed.

With this contract, he professes that this could bring be a turning point for PIA by coming out of hot waters once and for all. He also mentioned how previous officials only ransacked PIA and went heartless on its betterment.

Apart from safeguarding the jobs of the employees, the provision of ground handling services would revamp the reliability of the airlines.

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PIA Revised Schedule

The Lahore airport schedule was disrupted on Wednesday due to the Smog. A flight scheduled for Lahore from Islamabad was sent back. The weather condition is not in the hands of the airlines, and Smog is expected to prevail for the next few days, says PIA spokesman. Due to the weather conditions, flights are being re-scheduled, which results in cancellation or delay of the flights, he added.

Some flights were re-scheduled on Thursday, again due to the weather conditions:

  • PK651 (Lahore-Islamabad-Lahore) delayed for 2 hours
  • PK451 and PK 452 (Islamabad-Skardu-Islamabad) will fly 2 hours behind the schedule.

Below are the cancelled flights:

  • PK391 (Karachi- Sukkur-Islamabad-Sukkur-Karachi)
  • PK588 & PK589 (Karachi -Bahawalpur-Karachi)
  • PK582 & PK583 (Karachi-Rahim Yar Khan-Karachi)
  • PK651 & PK652 (Lahore- Bahawalpur-Lahore)
  • PK584 and PK 585 (Karachi-Dera Ghazi Khan-Karachi)

Only the planes with ILS Cat III landing system installed were allowed to take off or land, and a well trained pilot is essential for this task, says an officer of CAA.

Via The Nation

Update: The title has been updated to better reflect the article. 

  • This is wrong and bad. PIA is almost vanishing. That’s not good for the country and PIA. That’s only good for few individuals making money out of this.

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