US Companies Are Interested in Pakistan’s Energy Sector

David Hale, US Ambassador to Pakistan, has assured the Federal Minister for Power Division, Sardar Awais Khan Leghari, that the US will support and provide all possible cooperation to Pakistan’s energy sector aiding it overcome the crisis. The Ambassador said that USA is also working closely to provide further assistance to Pakistan on renewable energy.

He added that the private sector in the USA is closely and keenly watching the fast expanding opportunities in the energy sector of Pakistan.

David Hale also informed the Federal Minister that an expert level delegation, headed by Additional Secretary Power Division, will be participating in Power Generation Conference at Las Vegas later this month. He agreed with the Federal Minister to increasing the frequency of expert delegations between the two countries.

During the meeting, matters relating to existing cooperation in the field of energy between Pakistan and USA came under discussion.

Federal Minister for Power Division expressed gratitude on USA’s assistance in Power Distribution and Transmission systems of the country. The Federal Minister specially mentioned the USAID communication system for National Power Control Center, which has helped the power sector in many ways especially in scientifically assessing the demand and supply situations.

The Federal Minister, while highlighting the opportunities that the energy sector offers for the investors, said that US entrepreneurs should invest in the sector and expect a good return. He said that Pakistan’s renewable energy sector is fast expanding and with the introduction of a competitive regime, the sector will offer the best opportunities to the investors.

The Minister said that Pakistan desires to further cement existing cooperation in the field of energy. He said that since US companies have greater experience in renewable energy, working closely with them will also boost the capacity of the energy sector in Pakistan.

He underscored the need for frequent exchanges of expert level delegations between the two countries in order to benefit from each other’s experiences.

Secretary Power Division Mr. Yousuf Naseem Khokhar was also present during the meeting.

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