The Real Reason Behind Pixel 2’s Perfect Video Stabilization

Google’s newly launched smartphone Pixel 2, along with many other ‘crazy’ features, has the ability to capture jerk-free videos. Whether you’re climbing up the hills or a bumpy-road is the part of your journey, you can now easily Vlog your special trip with Pixel 2’s incredible feature.

How Does it Work?

Recently Google explained the technology that has been incorporated in their new smartphone series, which uses electronic and optical image stabilization. The company posted an in-depth procedure of how these two technologies work.

As expected, Google used machine language to drive a predictive algorithm that can judge a particular scenario to produce a shake-free video in result.

Other companies have previously incorporated one of these two technologies, but the Pixel 2 is first phone to have both (EIS and OIS) technologies.

Lookahead Algorithm

To ensure the perfect synchronization with an image, the device kicks off by gathering information from Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) and Gyroscope sensors. After that, Google applies its smart ‘lookahead’ filtering algorithm on a queue of image frames which uses machine learning to guess the movement of your phone.

The ‘smart’ algorithm lets you record a jerk-free, smooth and clear video – without trying to hold it still. Apart from that the ‘lookahead’ algorithm also introduces a virtual motion to hide wild shaking in a video, when you move the phone quickly.

Google has also uploaded a video on their YouTube channel, that shows a side-by-side comparison between “OIS and EIS off” and “OIS and EIS on”, to give you an idea about the newly incorporated feature.

Not Flawless

That being said, the newly introduced feature by Google doesn’t really mean that it’s completely ‘flawless’. Some of the users have observed an unexpected cropped frame and relatively blurred footage while experimenting with the new feature.

Anyhow, the new feature by Google depicts the rapid technological advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI can now produce a very smooth footage; which the EIS and OIS sensors could not have done alone.

Via Engadget

  • Apart from camera dept. Google has failed with the Pixel 2. Their software is so good but it lacks the right hardware to back it all up.

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