Pakistan Ranked Among Worst Countries for Women: GIWPS

Recently, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced to uplift the ban on women driving — which will be implemented from June 2018. The Kingdom’s reputation has been intensely affected over the past years by this silly ban that inflicts a message of female oppression.

In the leadership of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the country has seen significant reforms as he has promised to return the nation ‘Moderate-Islam’ in the country.

Unfortunately, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not the only country where the women are treated less than men. A new survey carried out by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS) has released an index that unfolds the status of women in different countries all across the globe.

The GIWPS, along with the Peace Research Institute of Oslo, revealed an index on the status of women in 153 countries, taking various factors into account – including security, justice and inclusion.

The Icelandic women topped the chart, beating peaceful and secure countries like Switzerland and France, while the U.S.A. managed to secure the 22nd position.

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Critics suggest that the U.S. got this position because of their callous law – that doesn’t allow the women to avail ‘paid’ maternity leave after their child’s birth. Besides Papua New Guinea, U.S. is the only country that doesn’t offer this package to new mothers.

As surmised, the less peaceful countries, that exhibit unswerving anarchy, stood last on the chart. The countries who scored poorly in the survey include Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and the Central African Republic.

Pakistan stood at 150th position due to widespread domestic violence in the country. The country, that produces luminaries like Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai, who openly speaks about the importance of girls’ education, has been slapped with one of lowest ranks due to hundreds of “honor killing” cases reported every year.

It is, now, the young generation’s preliminary duty to establish peace, gender equality and harmony in the region.

Via Statista

  • Hah!
    Pakistan is worst country in the eyes of kafir women, thats a relief to hear.
    jis din kafir log muslims say khush hogaye it means k muslims are doing something very wrong, its a good thing if they ranked us worst in this case

    • Our cleaning lady says her husband beats her, don’t go to work. so she has to work all day from morning to evening. This is story of every cleaning lady in this country. they are not born to do clean our homes but they are made to do it. I care. meanwhile you can live in you tiny paradise which you’ve built in planet fool.

      • their are jut few cases not whole Pakistani women are going through this. the people who are making these reports there own countries have high rates of raping women suicide cases kitny hain. under age girls pregnancy on top.

        Pehly apna ghar tu theak kar ly us k bad kisi or k ghar ko theak karny nikaly

        • آپ کے ملک میں تو پانچ پانچ سال کی بچیاں یہانتک کہ قبروں میں دفن مردہ عورتوں کو بھی نہیں بخشا جاتا.
          مدرسوں میں اغلام بازی عام ہے.
          ریپ کے واقعات آپ کے یہاں بھی کافی زیادہ ہوتے ہیں مگر شرم اور بدنامی سے بچنے کے لیے زیادہ تر لوگ ان کو رپورٹ ہی نہیں کرتے کہ اگر وہ ایسا نہ کرے تو معاشرے میں لوگ ان بیچاروں کو طعنے دے دے کر ہی مار دیں گے.

      • Waqas, I am amazed that you seem to be educated?
        Why are you trying to fool people. Because her husband beats her, you assume that this is whose fault?
        Are there not women like that in UK, USA or Japan?
        Please read up, as there are more cases of women beating per capita in USA than most other countries of the world.
        This has nothing to do with anything except an exploitative system. If we all became TRULY Muslim, this would never happen, and you would not be asking this question.
        What is being touted by our parents and older generation as being “Islamic” is actually what we learnt from Hindus while living with them for 800 years.

        In Islam there is NO CONCEPT of joint family, or for women to do household chores by force, infact a woman can ask as her right to have maids/helpers is her husband can afford it — that is the REAL islamic ruling,
        But you would never have bnothered to read Islamic history, so how could you know — Fox News maybe, libtard?

        So men (and their families who have been practicing Hindu cultural values, calling them Islamic because these brutal oppressive cultural norms have become ingrained in their lives oer generations, may have Muslim names, but know nothing more than perhaps the Kalima.

        Please do not tout them as representatives of Islam.
        How many times did ANY of the Prophets beat their wives? Or other women.

        All this massive DRAMA about Hudood ordinance but only two women have ever been stoned to death since last 1400 years as per conviction by an Islamic court of an Islamic Government — YES TWO!!! (Go read your Islamic History, not watch Fox News).

        Why are we the educated illiterates, blaming Islam if madmen in turbans and having beards stone women, or beat them — why is it Islam’s fault if we deliberately twist Islamic injunctions to suit our Hindu cultural norms?
        Shame on us as a country and as a nation, and May Allah have mercy on us, for brutalizing his Beautiful Religion, and demonizing it to the point where it is becoming one of the most hates religions.
        Yes we, the Muslims are responsible, and before pointing fingers at others we should SHUT UP, and make an effort to learn our own history and practice it.

  • Yup! that’s true now we are talking about these issues but still we cant change these safety issues until n unless we are unable to change our people mentality and teach them at least basic ethics values .if we compare non muslims country with muslims pakistani country so i can say that u can feel more comfortable in living there as a women instead of pakistan. n i spoke that on the basis of experience so its time to think about that what kind of muslims we are ?

  • women rights k thaky daron ki countries me khud women ko zalil kar rahy hain. Islam se ziada women rights kisi mazhab me hain to batain. sirf muslim women ko barbad karny ka bahana ha bas.

    • آپ جیسی مُلا والی سوچ کے لوگوں کے لیے یہی کہوں گا کہ،
      دل کے بہلانے کو غالب یہ خیال اچھا

  • This report is a slap in the face of all Islamic countries who always boast to give enough respect and rights to their women.
    Iceland is one of those countries that have the highest percentage of secular and atheist population in the world.
    Yes a country without religion has topped the list of the best nation for women to live in.
    #RIP Islamic world.

    • While Salman Haider, a reader of ProPK blog, says that Namaz causes shopkeepers and alike to lose their business and it is also a cause of depression for them.

      Jb tmhari soch esi h, or tm kch shaed ya to jantay ni Islam k baray me ya ksi agenda k tehat yay bolte ho, you really think we ll have a better country when we have the likes of you?

      Baray ai aurton k baray m bolne walay ap.

      As for the women rights, there is no doubt Islam gives them every fundamental and important right. As for the people of Pakistan, it is our own intrinsic fault if we don’t respect women, no fault of our religion whatsoever. Take caution when you go ahead and start generalizing religion for the actions of few.

      Typical troll you are.

      • Yar reason pata Kia Hai?
        Aurat k Parda krna aur Ghar mein rehna or hamara family system kafiron say bardasht nai hota islye wo istarah k agenda create kr that han, or yay Salman jaisay bhagoray unkay chuknay k lye pehlay hi tayar bathay hotay han.
        Rotten eggs

      • well said brother
        as for salman you can clearly see from his comments that he is an illiterate person with zero knowledge of Islam and still commenting on every sensitive topics just to relate it to Islam and then malign it.Yes he is either a fool or got some agenda………….But all his efforts are in vain :P because propaki readers aren’t idiots who buy into his monopolization

      • Do you know how many Muslim countries are there in the list of world’s best countries to live in?
        Just Google it.
        All these countries are non Muslim and secular.
        But on the other hand you will find most Muslim countries in the list of top ten worst nations.
        Now go ahead and blame the West for the your poor condition just as your typical molvi does in order to cover up your failures and wrongdoings.

    • Unfortunately this is a tragedy of you guys that you believe each and every report published in western media. If that is published in any Muslim country, no-one will believe and give importance on that. Don’t you ever know how this surveys are performed? what are the causes behind that surveys. It’s only to malign the Muslim countries and their culture. Alhamdolillah our religion and culture is beautiful but it is those stupid minded people like you, who are beast for the women. Your like minded people likes french beaches where clothes are not allowed and women will have to go naked. When you like minded people doesn’t see that thing you guys become beast and will do rape cases irrespective of the ages.

      It is like you guys of which Sharmeen Chinoi like women’s blame and do propaganda against men’s. If a guy receive a friend request from Women than it’s friendship request and if a girl receive a friend request from boy than it’s harassment!

      Grown up and don’t lift your tongue where you don’t know the reality.

      • Hahaha ?.
        Same typical molvi type mindset ;
        Who sees western conspiracies behind each and every vile and evil things and happenings in Muslim countries.
        This is an old ridiculous trick of hypocritical Muslims like you to justify your wrongdoings and failure and present yourself totally innocent to the world.
        But now the entire world has come to know your reality and will no longer be deceived.
        This is an irrefutable fact now that the West has become the epitome of success, wisdom and prosperity for all third world and failed states especially the Muslim world to follow their footsteps if you want to survive in the ever changing world or else be prepare to be wiped out of the face of the world.

        • Bhai aap kapray uttar kay France kay nangay baches pur ja laytein, aur khush rahein, hamay ya jeenay dein — aap bhee khush, aur hum jahil bhee!

  • Biased report where is ‘rape capital of the world’ “India” in the List (According to Indian government statistics, a woman is raped every 22 minutes on average).

  • just shameless blaim on Pakistan…women is Pakistan enjoys a peaceful and worthy life…and there are so many countries in the world where women are not able to enjoy a peaceful life, even they face sexual harsement on daily basis…shame on the list maker

  • جھوٹ کی انتہا ہے پاکستان میں عورتوں کی عزت بھی بہت ہے بہت سے علاقوں میں عورت ہی فیملی کولیڈ کرتی ہے خامیآں تو ہر جگہ موجود ہیں سب سے بدتر صورتحال امریکہ جیسے ملکوں کی ہے جہاں کی فوج عورتوں کے ساتھ زیادتی مہں سب سے زیادہ مثہور ہے۔

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