Google Lens is Finally Coming to All Pixel Phones

Announced back in May at its Google’s I/O event, Google Lens is one of the most-awaited software additions for the Pixel phones. Months after its unveiling, the feature is finally rolling out to Pixel devices.

It had earlier made its way to Google Photos last month under beta, though, now it is ready for its final release.

The feature will be available within the Google Assistant found in the Pixel and Pixel 2. It can be accessed by hitting a small logo on the bottom right, which is a much more convenient feature than before. In the beta released previously, users had to take a snap, open the snap under Photos and then scan the photo using Lens.

Google Lens works a lot like Google’s Goggles (or Bixby, if that floats your boat). It takes in the information from the images taken by the camera.

It can bring up relevant info from these images, such as scanning barcodes, visiting URL links, scanning texts and landmarks, recognizing people, etc. However, unlike the much-forgotten Goggles, Lens goes much deeper in the kind of info it deciphers through images.

Over time, the system learns to recognize common themes and people around you to provide better and speedier suggestions powered by artificial intelligence. Google claims to be working on bringing even further features to the fold.

The feature will roll out to all users in the coming few months, starting with the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, and Singapore.

Make sure the phone’s language is also set to English. The final version will likely remove all the bugs found in the beta version of lens.