Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Are Reportedly Blocked in Pakistan

After putting off-air the News channels, the government of Pakistan has apparently ordered ISPs to block Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in Pakistan.

Reports from ProPakistani readers are confirming that Facebook and other social media websites are not accessible on desktop and mobile browsers.

However, these websites can be accessed through mobile apps for some users while they are unavailable for some app users as well.

While we don’t have confirmations, a number of users in Pakistan are reporting that Facebook and some other social media websites are not accessible for them.

Not to mention, government of Pakistan took severe decisions after its operation against protesters in Faizabad backfired and protests erupted across the country.

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Currently the Facebook and other social media websites are not accessible on major ISPs in Pakistan but we are still in process of arranging an official confirmation on the ban of Facebook in Pakistan.


ARY News is claiming that Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are ordered to be blocked in Pakistan.

Update 2:

It appears that the crack-down on internet also include the banning of Daily Motion, Instagram and some other social networking websites as well.

ZemTV.com is also blocked in the country at this point in time.

Update 3: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to Remain Blocked Till Further Notice!

    • This is a long debate, however I believe people are trying to dismantel our Country and they are succeeding.

    • nope they are not working!!1 you are jsut seeing the cached data in-front of you … give it a try by searching BITCOIN in Search Bar

    • Wtf! What’s wrong fb messanger instagram YouTube everything is banned why? ?? Dimagh kharab krdiya yaar kya masla kab tak recover hogaaa

  • This seriously needs a protest. We don’t pay those fucking ISPs to browse nothing on the internet.


  • Playing call of duty 2 .All channels shut down ,Facebook shut down,twitter taken down, Call of duty ww2 is the best game available.

  • guys everyone who is facing problems use betternet vpn and change your dns to google dns. Changing to google dns also open many sites which are banned here

  • Breaking News : Marium Nawaz Ko Jullaab Lag Gaay. Twitter Service Band Honay Ke Weja Sai Sakht Parayshani Ka Saamna.
    Abba Jee Ka Tashweeshnak Halat Mai London Bathroom Mountaqil Keay Janay Kay Hawalay Sai Punjab House Mai Eham Ijlas Jari !

  • Facebook, Youtube are banned.. Latest news :) PTCL is working.. I am using PTCL internet for this comment.. ye kia masla kia hua he..

  • Facebook & YouTube not working in charsadda shabqadar dalazak it’s banned already on jazz network

  • Unlawfully closure of tv channels reflect shattering confidence of government – observing the danger situation ”shater-murgh ki tarah reit (dust) mein mounh chupa liya”. Is it 02/3rd majority of PML-N’s democracy – shame – it is actually ”excessive fueling on fire” — one day it would be realized.

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