PEMRA Bans the Live Coverage of Faizabad Operation!

PEMRA, in an unprecedented move, has asked TV channels to block the coverage of Faizabad operation, we have checked.

A letter issued by PEMRA has said that since coverage of any live operation is prohibited, therefore all satellite TV channels are directed to exhibit utmost sensitivity on the matter.

Breaking: Pakistan Off-Airs All TV Channels

“Refrain from live coverage of the ongoing operation at Faizabad, Islamabad”, directed the letter issued by PEMRA.

Alongside, major cable operators — including Nayatel — has been asked to blocked the transmission of TV Channels.

  • Ali

    I think its a good decision so people’s mind won’t divert to this protest and stay focus on Nawaz case.

  • Isi Din K Liye Hum Ne Mulk Ko Azad Karwaya tha :

    Sharaaam A Rahi Hai Pakistani Kehte howie :

    • a Libtard

      Pakistan aur Pakistani ke kia galti aklalband! if u want to blame some1 then blame liberal fascist, they are the one, who are the root of all evil.

    • Adeel

      Ap ne Azadi dilwayi thi itni badi age k lagte to nhn ho ap ?
      ?? Zindabad

    • Foziaa

      Dual Nationality?

    • A True Pakistan

      Please leave this country if you feel ashamed of being Pakistani.