Govt is Restoring Social Media Websites in Pakistan: PTA

Government of Pakistan has decided to restore the access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in Pakistan, confirmed us a spokesperson of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

According to the spokesperson, the restoration orders have been issued to Internet Service Providers.

“If everything goes well, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube should be back with-in next couple of hours”, confirmed us the spokesperson.

In first of its kind move, Government of Pakistan had yesterday decided to block Facebook, Twitter, DailyMotion and YouTube to block access to information in the country.

Government had decided to keep social media websites blocked in Pakistan till the law and order situation is back to normal levels.

PTA said that decision for blocking or restoration of social media or any other website is taken by government of Pakistan and PTA implements the directives accordingly.

Not to mention, the usage of VPN increased massively as more tech-savvy users resorted to VPNs and private tunnels to bypass the blockade.

  • Where is right to information that is guaranteed by the constitution of this so called democratic country?

    • Democracy is against shariah. We don’t want democracy. Implement shariah. Let us help in creation of caliphate. Let these scoundrels be tried in shariah courts.

        • You must be naïve to think that they are true muslims who are not on the ‘payroll’ of anyone.

          This is what Western media does to us with misinformation.

        • “AISIS” is created by foreign spy agencies. I recommend u and everyone else to watch this video on youtube,


      • Mr. Muhammad, You better travel to Syria and see what Caliphate is doing with their people. Be a complete Muslim and let the world know that we are peaceful people and Islam is the only religion who prefer peace over anarchy. I hope you understand my point of view and take this comment in a positive manner.

        • You named yourself as Muhammad but you’re not following the life of Muhammad who was the most peaceful man on this planet.

          • Agreed
            Har koi apne hathon se banaya hua mazhab follow kar raha hai jab Rasool Allah par wahi nazil hui thi jung k liye to sath mein conditions bhi thi k ap log kisi Aurat, Bachon, Boorhon ko nuqsan nhn pohanchao ge kisi ka ghar nhn looto ge kisi ko takleef nahin pohanchao ge, ap log jang karo ge sirf un se jinhon ne ap se jang ki, aur ye saale naam nihad mullah aur wo saale terrorists dono ek he jaise hain Islam ka naam dubane mein koi kammi nhn chorhte, wo saale bomb pharh k logon ko qatal karte hain aur ye logon ko ambulance mein he qatal kar dete hain, hazaaron logon ko kitni taqleef pohanchayi inhon ne is ka andaza bhi nhn hoga inko, in ki wajah se kitne ghar tabah hue honge kitni bad duayen mili hongi inhen ye nhn jante. Zulm karne wale Allah ko sakht na pasand hain aur inhon ne jitna zulm kiya hai aam logon k sath us k liye Allah he puche ga in se

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          • +1 You are right. Todays liberal are an insult to liberals. Todays liberal are so stupid that they are giving bad name to all the liberals in the world and wht u said abt fake jihadi groups as liberal I agree that they are fake jihadi groups. Not everyone is stupid we liberals also know that CIA is doing propaganda against ISLAM and Muslim. Not all liberals are bad just like not every Muslim is good. It depends on case by case basis.

      • +1 you are right. Caliphate is the right way to go. That’s why these foreign spy agencies badmouthing caliphate so much that young generation of even Muslim countries start hating it by showing the fabricated image of caliphate.

      • Option 1: Type “wi fi” into the search of windows 10. On the right there’s an option to “change adapter settings”. Right click your wifi network and click on “Properties”. Then DOUBLE click “Internet Protocol version 4”. Enter the “custom DNS Server” as This is the International Google standard DNS and will replace the censorship by your ISP.

        Option 2: Download a software called Tunnel Bear. Works very well but only the first 500mb is free per month. Sharing a tweet does double that to 1GB which is usually enough to last the month.

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