Govt is Restoring Social Media Websites in Pakistan: PTA

Government of Pakistan has decided to restore the access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in Pakistan, confirmed us a spokesperson of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

According to the spokesperson, the restoration orders have been issued to Internet Service Providers.

“If everything goes well, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube should be back with-in next couple of hours”, confirmed us the spokesperson.

In first of its kind move, Government of Pakistan had yesterday decided to block Facebook, Twitter, DailyMotion and YouTube to block access to information in the country.

Government had decided to keep social media websites blocked in Pakistan till the law and order situation is back to normal levels.

PTA said that decision for blocking or restoration of social media or any other website is taken by government of Pakistan and PTA implements the directives accordingly.

Not to mention, the usage of VPN increased massively as more tech-savvy users resorted to VPNs and private tunnels to bypass the blockade.