Poll Results: This Is What Black Friday Should Be Renamed To!

We asked our readers about what name they could be most comfortable with for the mega shopping event of the year.

Black Friday, despite its economy-centric origins, has courted a bit of a controversy with Pakistani consumers, who believe that the name of the event leaves a lot to be desired.

Some of us have shunned the name for not being in tune with our cultural or religious values. Some of us think that we need to come up with another name that makes online shopping a household name in Pakistan.

What ever your reasons for Black Friday not being in sync or otherwise with our norms, we decided to poll our readers to settle the question once and for all.

Here are the results:

The numbers clearly speak for themselves. In fact, big ecommerce retailers such as Daraz and Yayvo also arrived at the same conclusions as this poll did – the people want a shopping event that’s not ‘Black’ at all.

Blessed Friday seems to be quite the contender for the occasion, garnering 57.5% of the votes in our poll. Given how most of the people here associate Friday with its religiously significant roots, the result seems like a foregone conclusion.

However, despite the backlash against the name ‘Black Friday’, a sizable sample of our readers who participated in the poll suggest that there’s nothing wrong with that name. 12% of those who cast their votes see no problem with that.

Surprisingly, Big Friday seems to resonate with a lot of people as well.

Then we have other entries such as Bright Friday, White Friday and others, names which don’t really catch the interest of a lot of our fellow compatriots based on the poll numbers.

What do you think of these findings? Is it time for the Pakistani ecommerce industry to settle on a name? Or should they all go their separate ways when it comes to branding their ecommerce sales event of the year? Sound off in the comments below.

  • This poll shows the cross section of Pro Pak readers. 57% are religious malvis who don’t understand what the name means. 16% are liberals who understand there’s an entire world outside Pakistan. Don’t even know what people were thinking with “white” friday, are they supporting KKK now?

    • [face-palm] i completely understand the history behind the name. yet i will prefer to name it as blessed friday for muslim community. As the word “black” usually has a negative connotation hence putting it right around Friday doesn’t feel right to me.
      As for your 16% liberals that according to you are the only ones who understand the entire world………..I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH THAT STATEMENT. I am myself an avid world affairs reader and observer.Not bragging but I am well informed with the current affairs of almost every major country from their economic indicators,history,culture to their demograhpics. yet i’m not liberal :P. Believe me that was a genuinely foolish statement.

      • Being well informed about world affairs is one thing. Being tolerant of names and cultures is something else, something you don’t have. You can’t accept world wide cultural, social or marketing norms. You are so insecure about your own religion you need to make everything so called “islamic” in name only. Even if it has nothing to do with islam. There’s nothing wrong with the word black. Only your personal insecurity and intolerance.

        • rofl.. bro I read that liberalism is to respect being tolerant of names cultures in your comments, so what happens when it comes to muslims/pakistani/desi people, why you think that respect and culture and everything else belongs to the west and gora’z??? Why can’t you respect your own society/people? is it harmful to love your own people? :D

    • Lol liberals.

      Is every thing black is manhoos? Who made black manhood? What about black hair? Black ppl? Black flags? Black kabah? Black stone? Oh wait….

    • 1. With all due respect to @HappyPills2017. Maulana Sahib tell us about orders of almighty Allah. We should respect them with bottom of our hearts. We have to die soon and present in front of almighty Allah.
      2. The Friday is leader of all days. It has special respect. The Friday is mentioned as Eid of poor people in our religion. Is “Black Friday (Kala Juma)” good?
      3. Liberalism means you adopt what suites to fulfill your desires irrespective of it’s right or wrong.

  • LOL, Next time, they will conduct the poll to change the name of Christmas or Halloween. After the changing names. These will also become the HALAL.

    Simple is that, These are not your cultural or religious events, So why are you people changing name of Black Friday. Just because you want to adopt it?

    Whatever you want to celebrate White/Orange/Blessed or Halal Friday, you may celebrate it any time of the year i.e Ramzan or Eid. You dont have rights to Change the Name of Black Friday, while this the event of American’s not yours.

    • LOL. So True. I’ve seen “Halal Wine and “Halal Bacon” in London. It’s about time we see Halal Christmas in Pakistan xD!

      Soon Western people will celebrate our Eid and Ramadan and name it Christmas and Halloween.

      If you’re wanting to follow a culture (such as black Friday) what’s the point in renaming it? If it has to be blessed Friday, then why make that date important? Christmas is on the 25th. If you want to celebrate Christmas and call it Eidmas, better have another date too. And the same, if you want to have Blessed or White Friday, there are 52 Fridays in an year, you can pick any you wish and call it whatever you want!

    • Agreed. And it is better to choose a friday before our own festivels like eid. Not before christmas.

  • The problem of Pakistan is not Islamic Extremism, Suppression of Minorities, Terrorism, Gender Inequality, Corruption, Lack of Education and basic Infrastructure, In-competencies.. But i agree with all those Qadri Sunni Tan Tan Tana Tan #Sarcasm.
    Black Friday is named due to people use to line up for the ‘Friday sale’ from late night. Most US retailers open very early, as early as overnight hours.. also the congestion of traffic on those specific days led people wait on highways for 10 to 12 hours… That’s where the term rises.. Those who connects it with religion and declare unislamic.. consider getting a job, get busy with some genuine hobbies, and stop forwarding deprived minded thinking to others…. #LostNation

    • Kudossss shah saib… :D You only have the respect for the west and western cultures and norms but when it comes to pakiz, desi people, lil uneducated, you only have bashing? You can be the part of a cult in western but pakis cult are bad? :D you racist bro… so racist bro :D :D

    • Kudossss shah saib… :D You only have the respect for the west and western cultures and norms but when it comes to pakiz, desi people, lil uneducated, you only have bashing? You can be the part of a cult in western but pakis cult are bad? :D you racist bro… so racist bro :D :D

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