Poll Results: This Is What Black Friday Should Be Renamed To!

We asked our readers about what name they could be most comfortable with for the mega shopping event of the year.

Black Friday, despite its economy-centric origins, has courted a bit of a controversy with Pakistani consumers, who believe that the name of the event leaves a lot to be desired.

Some of us have shunned the name for not being in tune with our cultural or religious values. Some of us think that we need to come up with another name that makes online shopping a household name in Pakistan.

What ever your reasons for Black Friday not being in sync or otherwise with our norms, we decided to poll our readers to settle the question once and for all.

Here are the results:

The numbers clearly speak for themselves. In fact, big ecommerce retailers such as Daraz and Yayvo also arrived at the same conclusions as this poll did – the people want a shopping event that’s not ‘Black’ at all.

Blessed Friday seems to be quite the contender for the occasion, garnering 57.5% of the votes in our poll. Given how most of the people here associate Friday with its religiously significant roots, the result seems like a foregone conclusion.

However, despite the backlash against the name ‘Black Friday’, a sizable sample of our readers who participated in the poll suggest that there’s nothing wrong with that name. 12% of those who cast their votes see no problem with that.

Surprisingly, Big Friday seems to resonate with a lot of people as well.

Then we have other entries such as Bright Friday, White Friday and others, names which don’t really catch the interest of a lot of our fellow compatriots based on the poll numbers.

What do you think of these findings? Is it time for the Pakistani ecommerce industry to settle on a name? Or should they all go their separate ways when it comes to branding their ecommerce sales event of the year? Sound off in the comments below.