Xiaomi’s Low Cost Mask is Exactly What You Need to Combat Smog

Recently, Xiaomi has launched a Chi Light breathing haze mask which has been designed considering yhe mog issue in Southern Asia. It protects the wearer from air pollutants like dust, pollen, car exhaust fumes and more.

The new mask is on sale and can be bought for just $6 (~Rs. 633) from Xiaomi’s crowd-funding platform in China.

China, along with its neighboring countries, Pakistan and India, has to tackle the effects of urbanization which is causing alarming levels of air-pollution in the countries. Therefore, it is expected of companies to launch products like these.

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According to the company, the new anti-haze mask meets the KN95 protection standard and it can even block particles of PM 2.5 sizes. The mask has been made with TPU stretch film and polyurethane cotton composite materials to make it environment-friendly.

The company claims that the mask takes the shape of the wearer after being used several times. The straps are also comforting because of their user-friendly materials.

The mask also works efficiently with eyeglasses because of its three-position ear hook. The breathing valve has a reduced inhalation resistance of 175Pa to 100Pa and the exhalation resistance of mask is just 45Pa to keep it dry.

This isn’t the first time Xiaomi has launched air purification equipment. Previously, it had also launched Mi Air Purifier and Mi Air Purifier 2.

As for now, Chi Light breathing haze mask is only available via the crowd-funding site in China, but we sincerely hope that it arrives in Pakistan soon. The alarming smog and pollution levels in Pakistan will have many customers barge in to buy this economical and user-friendly product from Xiaomi.

  • In Pakistan Add One More Zero :)

  • Yeah! Don’t fight pollution created by corporations, instead let those corporations sell you masks to breath through the pollution they create!

    • wajid s

      isn’t it ironic that the creation of these masks must have caused lots of pollution. lol

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      Your English has improved tremendously. Great work.

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        Wahab aur Meera Ek He Institute Mein Angrezi Seekhnay Jatay Hain..

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  • Anas

    Selling in xiaomistorepk at pkr 2000/-

    • ProResponse

      I’m sure you’re talking about “Mi Air Wear Face Mask” because as for now, “Chi Light Haze Mask” cannot be seen on any online store in Pakistan.

  • Faheem Ahmad

    i need one proppk please buy some and sale it on ur website


    From, where we can purchase it?

    • Ahmed

      for now it is not available in Pakistan