CDA Has 2000 ‘Ghost Employees’ Withdrawing Paychecks

Recently, the officials of Capital Development Authority (CDA) revealed that more than 2,000 ‘ghost’ employees are working in the department.

The claim was made by the officials while talking to a local news channel. The officials said that only 11,000 out of 13,000 employees provided their details upon request.

The administration’s member Yasir Pirzada said, “We have now decided to stop the salaries of those who did not submit their details.”

He said that the department will also conduct a physical audit of all the working employees to minimize the irregularities even further.

In the identification process, that was started a few months ago, CDA is also implementing the bio-metric attendance system in all of its branches.

Accordingly, the D.G Administration CDA has circulated a letter to all wings of the Authority directing the employees, that are fulfilling their job responsibilities, to enroll themselves in the biometric attendance system to avoid any problem in the future.

He commanded all the employees to bring their CDA office cards, copies of CNIC, and latest pay slips to the office so that they can be enrolled into the system.

The copies of the letter have been sent to all the D.Gs, D.D.Gs, Directors, Sectional Heads, and Heads of all Formations/Departments and Executive Director, and Capital Hospital for the agreement.

Yasir Pirzada said:

It is our responsibility to identify all ghost employees and I will leave no stone unturned in completing this process.

He also revealed that the administration wing, for the first time, has also finalized an organizational chart for CDA which shows the relationships of the positions or jobs within it.

  • Well, I must say, not just CDA, almost all the Local Govt. employees are Ghost, you never find one when you need them.

  • Jis country main defacto PM ghost ho, Finance Minster Ghost ho. Wahan in masoom employees ka kya kasoor? Let them enjoy as well.

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