Hacked, Suspended or Both? Sindh Forest Dept’s Website is Down

The website of Sindh Forest Department has been suspended due to non-payment of hosting dues. The company providing the hosting facility to Sindh Forest department has suspended the website and placed a public announcement on the main page.

Currently, the page reads: “This account has been suspended due to non-payment. Contact your hosting provider for more information.”

While one might believe that the government really didn’t pay the hosting dues, there’s another side of the story.

Surprisingly, in Google’s search results, the website’s title goes by “Hacked by Lulzsec India” which gives this story a whole new meaning. The search result further reads “LulzSec India was here. Pakistan Stop terrorist attacks on India Pakistan Stop support ISIS India is a peaceful …”

It is possible that the website was hacked back when hacking groups from Pakistan and India were taking jabs against each other and the government might have failed to update the website’s description for the search engine.

LulzSec, who probably blocked the Sindh Forest Department’s website, is a black hat computer hacking group from India that was also responsible for several high profile attacks, including the compromise of user accounts from Sony Pictures and taking down the CIA website.

Nevertheless, the top management of Sindh Forest Department should have secured their website properly because the suspension of the website has caused inconvenience for the regular visitors. However, the visitors will surely laugh at the government over the statement uploaded by website’s service provider. The visitors who might be forwarded from the international sites would also get to see the ignorance of Pakistan Government Departments.

Moreover, this is not the first time that a Pakistan Government website has been hacked. Many similar cases have been reported previously as well.

  • You can see at the top left corner where there is written “due to” and that explains something is fishy
    in site.

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