Miracle of Life: Baby Born Mid Air in PIA Flight

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) may have been in the news for all the bad reasons in the past year or so, but the crew members of flight PK 716 from Madinah to Multan pulled off a miracle as they helped deliver a baby girl during the flight.

The mother-to-be was in need of medical assistance during the flight and the crew was quick to respond; the lady went into labour and gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl mid-flight.

While the people are criticising PIA for letting the woman travel in such a condition, however, the woman was left with no option but to travel back home as her visa had expired and the travelling date was already fixed. As per the rules of Saudi Arabia, the woman could not stay in the country, so she was bound to take the flight.

The cabin crew showed grit and despite limited emergency response equipment, the staff was able to deliver the baby in the best possible manner. The baby girl is perfectly all right and the parents have expressed their gratitude to the PIA and in particular the cabin crew for such an amazing emergency response.

Feature Writer

  • PIA : Bakamal Log La Jawab Services :)

  • Jawad Amin

    Baby girl is it. Then it is for sure PIA is doomed.

  • PIA : Have Rancho Doctor

  • Vicky

    At least mature female staff honay ka kuch to faida hoa!!

  • Ibrahim Muhammed Ojha

    Actually PIA hostesses are at the age of Dadi and Nani, so they are more experianced than a mid wife to deliver a baby

  • Ali Hasan

    Wese ye miracle kese hai?

    • Anonymous

      Being born in mid air is a miracle, which happens seldom.

  • Ali Raza

    what should be the birth place of baby according to NADRA….. :D SO far good news

  • Tajurba Kaam aaya. Budhi Air hostesses ka kissi ko to faida hoa

  • Name

    Someone forgot to use protection. “Miracle of life” lol.

  • Zee Mughal

    Yeh baby agar Rikshaw mai dilver hota to har banda Govt ko gali day raha hota. Logo mai taleem ke kami hai aur baad mai govt ko gali detay hai.