Here’s How Districts Scored for Education in Alif Ailaan’s Report

Alif Ailaan – a non-profit organisation which aims for the betterment of the educational sector of Pakistan – in their 2017 District Education Rankings, has ranked several regions of Pakistan based on their educational scores.

Their research measures several aspects of each region’s educational sector and is divided into four listings – Education Score, Primary School Infrastructure Score, Middle School Infrastructure and Beyond Primary Readiness Score.

Education Scores

The total provincial score is an average of scores given to three sub-categories, Learning,  Retention, and Gender Parity in each region.

Followed by the Islamabad Capital Territory, Kashmir has been given the highest provincial education rank while FATA and the Sindh are at the bottom of the list.

District-wise, out of the top 10 districts with the highest Gender Parity score, 8 belong to Punjab. Meanwhile, out of the bottom 10 districts with the least Gender Parity score, 5 are in Balochistan.

Based on the Retention Scores, 5 districts in Punjab and 4 districts in Sindh are in the top 10 with highest Retention Scores. On the other hand, 2 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa districts and 6 FATA districts are part of the 10 districts with lowest Retention Scores.

6 districts from Azad Jammu & Kashmir are ranked as part of the top 10 districts with the highest Learning Score. 4 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 6 from Sindh make up 10 districts with the lowest Learning Score.

Primary School Infrastructure Scores

The highest infrastructure score has been given to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and even though Kashmir ranked higher in Education Scores, its at the bottom of the list due to poor infrastructure of schools and institutes.

8 districts from the KPK make up the top 10 districts with the highest electricity-availability score. 5 districts from Kashmir, and 5 from Balochistan are the bottom ten.

5 KPK districts and 5 Punjab districts make up the top 10 districts with the drinking water-availability score. Five from Kashmir and 3 from Sindh are part of the bottom ten.

Top 10 districts with the highest-toilet availability score include 6 districts in KPK and 4 in Punjab. All bottom 10 districts are from Balochistan.

6 districts from KPK and 4 from Punjab have been ranked highest based on boundary-wall availability. 5 from Kashmir and 3 from Balochistan are the bottom 10.

Middle School Infrastructure Scores

Punjab has the highest Middle School Infrastructure Score and KPK sits at the second spot. Kashmir and Balochistan have the lowest score and are the districts with the poorest middle school infrastructure.

100% electricity availability was scored in 12 districts, 11 of these are from Punjab. 7 from Balochistan are in the bottom 10.

33 districts from a total of 36 in Punjab have 100% water availability for middle schools.

4 KPK and 28 Punjab districts have 100% toilet-availability score. 5 from Balochistan and 4 from KPK are part of the bottom 10.

31 districts in Pakistan have 100% boundary-wall provisions, 19 are from Punjab, 10 from KPK, 1 in Balochistan, and 1 in FATA.

Beyond Primary Readiness Scores

This category cumulatively measures the quantity of schooling options available to the students in all primary, middle, higher, and higher secondary levels.

Top 10 districts with the highest Beyond Primary Readiness Score has 5 from Gilgit and 4 from Islamabad and Punjab.

3 from Sindh, 6 in Balochistan, and 1 district from Gilgit are the bottom 10.


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