WAPDA Launches a Simple App for Electricity Consumers [Review]

Roshan Pakistan is a new app that makes it easier for electricity consumers in Pakistan to check loadshedding schedule, billing details and calculate bill.

Launched by the Power Information Technology Company (WAPDA Computer Center HQ), the app is available in both English and Urdu. This is the second project by PITC, with the first being a complaint lodging and tracking app for HESCO consumers.

Roshan Pakistan

While it doesn’t follow Google’s guidelines for modern design, the UI is functional and the app itself is quite quick. Opening up, you see three options to check the loadshedding schedule, billing information and calculate bills.

Please keep in mind that the app won’t work for K-Electric consumers.

Loadshedding Schedule

To check your loadshedding schedule, simply put in the correct reference number. You’ll get details like your name, address, feeder and grid as well as an hour by hour breakdown of the loadshedding schedule, There is also an option to generate a graph of the schedule.

Checking Billing Information

To check the billing information, put in your reference number and it’ll show you all bill details including a six month history. You can also generate a duplicate bill, but for that you’re redirected to a browser.

Getting a Bill Estimate

The Bill Estimator features options for domestic and commercial billing, and one-phase and three-phase meters. Put in the number of units, number of TV sets (only affects the Rs. 35 PTV fee) in use and if there are any applicable exemptions to get a bill estimate with a breakdown.

In its current state, it’s nothing more than a calculator and it’s usefulness is limited since consumers most likely won’t know the number of units they use each month. A better approach would have been to provide a detailed questionnaire with options for number of lights, fans and common appliances. We hope this feature is developed in the immediate future.

One neat thing about Roshan Pakistan is that once you put in a reference number, you don’t have to enter it again while you’re jumping around the options.

Roshan Pakistan: Verdict

Overall, the app is very simplistic and all the provided information is already available on the PITC site. However, we like that it’s functional and gets the job done, even if its scope is limited.

It’s a nice first step and in the future, we’d like to see more detailed options like whether a particular bill has been paid or not, loadshedding schedule based on area and cities as well as options to pay the bill within the app itself through partnership with Mobile payment solutions. A detailed bill estimator would also be a welcome addition.

You can download Roshan Pakistan in English here and Urdu here.

  • ye offer kia K-Electric contumers bhi istimal kar sakte hain q k jab wafaq koi offer deta hai to ye clear hota hai k ye offer K-Electric k sarifeen k lia nahi hai

  • Just tested the English version, and here’s my experience.

    1. Invalid Load-shedding Schedule
    2. Invalid Bill Estimator, as it does not differentiate the single phase or 3 phased meter.
    3. When checking bill, it took me to Web, lol, why would I need the Android App if it takes me to Web.

    Conclusion: I don’t see any benefit to use this App as compared to the Web App.

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