UAE Has Temporarily Suspended Travel Visas for Pakistanis: TAAP [Updated]

It seems that there’s no good news in store for Pakistani travelers who were intending to go to UAE for the New Year’s festivities.

Yesterday, Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP) informed Pakistani travelers that UAE has forbid association agents from sending any visit visa applications, effectively banning Pakistanis from visiting the country for New Year’s eve.

TAAP further claimed that UAE has also rejected previous applications for visit visa without giving any solid reasons.

Chairman TAAP Naeem Sharif says UAE visa authorities didn’t comment about why this step has been taken.

UAE Embassy Denies 90-Days Visa Ban for Pakistanis

No Confirmation from the UAE Embassy

UAE Embassy in Pakistan is yet to comment on the matter officially.

Furthermore, Mr. Nadeem Sharif, Vice Chairman of TAAP says that the ban will be revoked from the start of New Year.

“The applications were rejected and directions have been given to travel agents not to apply until further notice,” the association chairman added.

He told the media that this particular arrangement was for Pakistanis only as around 300,000 Pakistanis are already in UAE on visit visa.

He is of the hope that the ban is only temporary and that it will be lifted after the New Year.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has resumed issuing tourist visas for Pakistani nationals, according to the Travel Agent Association Chairman Naeem Sharif.

Speaking about the matter, Naeem said that the visas were not being issued to Pakistanis due to a technical glitch.