PIA’s Christmas Stunt Tops Reddit in a Day

We are all aware of the countless controversies surrounding the PIA or Pakistan International Airlines. But its recent PR blitzkrieg on Christmas became the talk of the town and the internet if Reddit is to be believed.

PIA’s Well-Received Christmas Gesture

This 25th December, PIA started by publishing an advert wishing a Merry Christmas to Pakistan’s Christian community.

The image, posted on Twitter a few days back, appeared in Reddit’s social news section and was praised by several users.

The greeting advert was added into the sub-reddit thread “Adporn”.

The community praised and up-voted the pictorial post and in just a day, the advert topped the thread with 93% up-votes and 614 points so far. The picture was uploaded yesterday (26 Dec, 17).

But that wasn’t the end of good tidings for PIA that day.

PIA Staff Joins in with the Christmas Spirit

Senior Flight Purser, Peter Inayat, dressed up as Santa Claus and distributed gifts to the passengers on a PIA plane. The cabin crew helped and gave away goodies to the passengers along with Peter.

Here is how the national carrier pulled off its Christmas campaign in style:

It is heartening to see that efforts such as these are not only appreciated in Pakistan but the world over as well. PIA truly won the brand wars this Christmas in Pakistan it seems.

  • This was a good gesture by PIA but I would hope our Christian brethren would learn that Christmas even though it is celebrated as the birthday of Nabi Isa Alayhis salam or Jesus but it’s actually a pagan holiday which was celebrated by Romans as the birth day of Sun God, Jesus wasn’t born on 25th of Dec, this can be proven from the Qur’an and the New Testament as he was born in Summers in Bethlehem, Palestine! Even Prophet Jeremiah condemns this pagan practice in the Book of Jeremiah in the Jewish Bible!

  • Musalmaan issi soch ki wajah se kabhi taraqi nhn kar sakta
    Doosron ki khushi mein khush hona seekhna chahiye , Insaniyat bhi koi cheez hoti hai jo saare mazahib sikhate hain

  • Her cheez per Etraz kernaa zaroori hotaa hai kyaa… ??? Deene Islam Rawadari aur Bhai Charey ki Taleem Deitaa hai… tum jaisey logo ki wajah se aaj Hum
    Peechay hien…. Humara Emaan Itnaa kamzoor nahi k Sirf Kissi ko wish
    ker deiney se kharab ho jaey… Kindly keep your blabber to yourself….
    and I hope you don’t apply for any Visa of a Christian country…..

    • Sirf visa he nhn , Wahab aj k baad Internet, Mobile, Facebook, Computer kch bhi istemal nhn kare ga , ye sab Christians aur jews ki banai hui hain , Wahab pakka musalman hai aj se in sab cheezon ka boycott kar k paharon par zindagi guzare ga ?

  • Bhae apko ksne kaha hai k ap manao? Agr ap us flight me hty to nobody would ever have forced you to celebrate.

    And this whole situation reflects a healthy and positive image of Islam in front of non- muslims that we the Muslims, respect other religions and wish them happy holidays.

    Nobody among Muslims is buying trees and celebrating Christmas in their homes now, right? So calm your horses. Don’t be so extreme in every walk of life. Islam is so much beautiful but the likes of us have made it into something else along with these so called Firkas.

    • Do you know the meaning of Merry Christmas?
      Muslims respect other religions but celebrating their occasions is like you love their religion… Think about it!

      • Ye Nahi Samjhe Ge Inko Manane Do Chistmas :
        Ek Taraf SURAH EKHLAS Ko Nahi Saamjh Rahe Dusri Taraf Appreceting Chal Rahi hai (PIA Ki K Acha Kaam hai)
        #RIP @furiousninja:disqus @adeelzsoomro:disqus @muhammadasimayaz:disqus

        • Mre bhai, dbara prhlo oopr kya lkha h. Koi ni mna rha Christmas. It was a publicity stunt that paid off for PTCL.

          Knsa musalman apnay ghr m Christmas celebrate kr rha h? Btana psand karaygain ap?

          • Wearing the Costume & arrange a Tree (What Does Mean ) They are not celebrating Or Supporting Christian Tehwaar (I am Muslim Mujhy Sympathy Hai But Itni Bhi Nahi Un K TEHWAR Kp Apnao)

            • To ap unki banai hui cheezen kyun istemal kar rahe ho, hai itna jigar ap mein k ap un ki banai hui cheezon k baghair reh sako
              Ap jaise he inteha pasand logon ki wajah se Islam ka naam aj puri duniya mein kharab ho chuka hai

          • Main Chor Doga Bohat Jald ProPk (Bus Kuch Din Aur)
            Positivity Ko Log Ab Negitivitiy Lene Lage Hai Mere NAAM Ko Gaaaliaan Dete hai Jo K Allah Ka Naam hai
            Mera Jana He Behtar Hoga

            • Meine to kabhi ap ko koi gaali nhn di kyun k mujhe ap k naam ki ehmiyat malum hai, par comment delete kyun kiya ?

            • Bhai to dil chota na kar. Yeah jo hamaray musalman bhai Merry Christmas Merry Christmas kar rahe hein yeah na-samajh hein. ALLAH PAK inko naik haidayat de. Kisi aur mazhab wale ke tehwar pe usko wish karna alag baat hai par unjesa hulia bana k unkey tehwar ko manana alag baat hai. Yeah log enlightened moderation ke chakar mein Christmas tou kiya holi bhi mana rahe hein.
              By the way dosray aur kon se mazhab wale hum musalmano ke tehwar manatay hein…..a question to all enlightened moderation qaum.
              P.S. Hazrat Isa A.S(Jesus) was not born on december 25th. Proved from Quran and bible. Search yourself.
              Santa Claus was St. Nicholas who was known for his barbarianism and looting. Please search yourself.

      • I know what you mean that is why I used the word celebrating loosely. And again, it was PIA staff doing this and not Muslims celebrating Christmas.

        And also, one can say Happy Holidays rather than saying Merry Christmas.

  • Good to see PIA celebrate Christmas holidays… Events like this may bring positive image for minorities in Pakistan…

  • Can anybody help me jolt my memory when the faaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkk did PIA celebrate Eid. Charity beings at home phele apne festivities to celebrate karlo phr dosro ke karna…. Even PIA told this… Phele apna oxygen mask pheno phr dosro ki help karo…

    Zada hero bannay ke zaroorat nhe

  • this is all a publicity stunt by PIA they are not celebrating christmas they are just keeping the christians happy and merry chrismas kehne se koi kaafir nai hota. its just to keep them happy.

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