PIA’s Christmas Stunt Tops Reddit in a Day

We are all aware of the countless controversies surrounding the PIA or Pakistan International Airlines. But its recent PR blitzkrieg on Christmas became the talk of the town and the internet if Reddit is to be believed.

PIA’s Well-Received Christmas Gesture

This 25th December, PIA started by publishing an advert wishing a Merry Christmas to Pakistan’s Christian community.

The image, posted on Twitter a few days back, appeared in Reddit’s social news section and was praised by several users.

The greeting advert was added into the sub-reddit thread “Adporn”.

The community praised and up-voted the pictorial post and in just a day, the advert topped the thread with 93% up-votes and 614 points so far. The picture was uploaded yesterday (26 Dec, 17).

But that wasn’t the end of good tidings for PIA that day.

PIA Staff Joins in with the Christmas Spirit

Senior Flight Purser, Peter Inayat, dressed up as Santa Claus and distributed gifts to the passengers on a PIA plane. The cabin crew helped and gave away goodies to the passengers along with Peter.

Here is how the national carrier pulled off its Christmas campaign in style:

It is heartening to see that efforts such as these are not only appreciated in Pakistan but the world over as well. PIA truly won the brand wars this Christmas in Pakistan it seems.