American Company to Supply PV Cells for Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park

US-based photovoltaic manufacturer, First Solar Inc., has partnered with Turkish Zorlu Enerji Holding to work on the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park in Bahawalpur. The joint venture shall see them supply thin film photovoltaic solar power modules for the plant.

Under this agreement, First Solar will supply 860,000 thin-film modules for a 100 MegaWatt AC power facility.

It is expected that the plant will thrive better in Bahawalpur’s desert conditions, delivering 8% more power in comparison to crystalline-silicon panels in same conditions.

According to Stefan Degner, an official for the PV manufacturer company, the project is a leap forward for Pakistan’s energy resources and a subject of pride for First Solar.

Will Power More Than 100,000 Homes

An estimated 180,000 MegaWatts/hour will be produced by the plant per year once the project is completed. This could power 140,000 households in Pakistan.

The electricity generated will be supplied to Pakistan’s Power Purchase Agency (PPA) under an agreement for 25 years.

Need for an Environmentally-Friendly Solution

Our increasing reliance on fuel based power plants is having an adverse effect on our environment.This is evident from the recent wave of smog affecting cities across Pakistan.

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The project is expected to be beneficial for Pakistan’s energy resources. Not only is solar power less expensive and more environment-friendly, First Solar Inc. is a reliable source of modules required to power Pakistan’s solar plants.

First Solar’s modules perform almost 50% better than its competitors, which is a dependable figure.

Via PowerTechnology

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