This Gym in Islamabad is Teaching Women MMA to Combat Harassment

Self defense has traditionally been an under-prioritized issue in Pakistan, specially for women. There are plenty of gyms and martial art academies but the training of men and women side-by-side in this country is certainly new.

Fight Fortress is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) academy situated in Islamabad where men and women are taught self defense side by side.  

Mixed Martial Arts for Everyone

Certified by Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan, this training school teaches a variety of different combat styles. Based on the Portuguese sport Vale Tudo which means “anything goes”, MMA teaches individuals to fight in every other position imaginable. As this fighting style is all-round, it can be used anywhere and everywhere.

There is only one goal in MMA, and that is to protect yourself and finish your opponent. Because Fight Fortress teaches defensive maneuvers to both men and women, this is an excellent opportunity for training for women against sexual harassment and domestic abuse, and for anyone at all against bullies.

It’s a Way to Productively Channel Negative Feelings

Fight Fortress is intent upon toughening the fiber of everyone who takes up MMA at this academy. In an interview to the BBC, one of the trainees said that the intensity of MMA practises improves her ability to face real-life situations.

MMA is a great way to channel negative feelings and to convert rage and frustration into a ladder to climb up while improving mental strength and combat abilities.

This practise improves focus and calmness in day-to-day situations – be it a bad relationship, the pressure of a deadline or any form of frustration or worry, MMA grants trainees a confidence boost that allows people to deal with adverse conditions.

Other courses taught at Fight Fortress include Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  • Wese tou har aurat nakhun chalanay mein mahir hoti hai but still ye aik acha step hai.
    i personally believe k all over Pakistan k schooling mein Judo ya Basic Self Defense art sikhana chahiye har Larki / bachi ko.

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    Kuch nai honay wala is say.
    Lekin earning ka acha step hai, mein bhi weight loss and training center for women khol leta hun, i think acha business hai

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