Civil Servants to Qualify for Bonuses Only If They File Tax Returns: PM Abbasi

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has taken serious notice of non-filing of income tax returns by civil servants and decided to take enforcement measures like linking filing of returns with honoraria/reward for government employees to maximize return filing under exercise of broadening the tax base.

According to a circular issued by Cabinet Division, Prime Minister Abbasi has taken a serious view of the trend of non-filing of income tax returns on the part of civil servants who are earning taxable income and not filing their tax returns.

The Prime Minister has, therefore, directed that all secretaries of the ministries/divisions may issue directions to all officers working in their ministries/divisions to ensure that every officer earning taxable income must file his/her income tax return.

The Prime Minister has further directed that the secretaries may consider application of measures such as linking filing of returns with honoraria/reward for their employees, if initial directions do not yield results.

The matter has been examined in consultation with the chairman FBR and it has been resolved that all secretaries/additional secretaries incharge/heads of attached departments/autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies are requested to provide list of all officers in BS-17 and above, alongwith their CNICs, within seven days of the receipt of this letter to Federal Board of Revenue, so that their status of filing of returns may be confirmed.

Further instructions and assistance as to how returns are to be e-filed in respect of officers who are non-filers (as ­per the record of Federal Board of Revenue) shall be communicated by FBR direct to concerned ministries/divisions/officers once the said information is received, it said.

A report on the action taken by the ministries/divisions concerned as well as FBR may also be submitted to the Cabinet Division, for onward submission to the Prime Minister’s Office on monthly basis. First report may be submitted by January 15, 2018, the Cabinet Division circular added.

  • There should be an online portal “each enough” to make lives of filers easier. Currently it’s so bloated, difficult to understand and very user unfriendly that no one bothers with this stuff. And most people don’t want to bear the filing cost every month or so, by giving good cash to 3rd party service providers.

    That being said, most of the public servants i have come across file their income taxes normally and honestly. Can’t say that for everyone, thought.

    It’s also funny how these ‘government elected officials’ are saying this to file taxes, when they themselves might only be paying, like, 20% of the actual taxes owed? Pity.

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