Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ Affected by Serious Display Issues

Following the Note 8 battery issue we covered yesterday is another issue, that affects all of Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy S8/S8+ and the Note 8.

According to some users on Reddit and the official Samsung community, the displays of their phone randomly turn on at will after they have been turned off using the power button or allowed to sleep.

The display stays on for around 10 seconds before turning off. This on and off cycle continues throughout the day which could severely impact their battery life.

No Fix in Sight

Several users also reportedly wiped their phone clean by factory resetting their devices, however the issue persists. It could also be seen in safe mode, which could mean that it might be a hardware defect.

Samsung has not yet released a statement or an update to address the issue, though that usually happens when an issue is widespread enough. Affected users are still better off getting their phones replaced if they are under warranty.

Weirdly enough, some users have reported the issue while the phone is housed within a flip case, one of Samsung’s most popular accessories.

Doesn’t Affect Note 8 Users As Much

The issue seems to be more prevalent among the Galaxy S8 and S8+ users, than it is among Note 8’s. Languishing users have tried replacing everything, from the charger to the cover, but the issue still persists.

The problem marks a less-than-ideal past few days for Samsung, which was earlier affected by dying Note 8 Smartphones as soon as the phone’s batteries dried out. While none of these issues have been catastrophic or widespread so far, it still is a major problem for phones which costs north of $600.

  • Peoples buy faulty phones from resellers or unauthorised shops and blame company about that. Me and my family are using s8 and note 8 too that works fine from every side.

  • Totally wrong, there is no issue in Samsung Galaxy S8+, I m using from the day of releasing.
    Really a nice device in using.

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