iPhone X’s Screen Shows Burn-in Marks After Just 17 Hours [Test]

The usual concerns of burn-ins involving AMOLED displays arose once again after Apple unveiled its first iPhone using the display-tech, the iPhone X.

If guarantees about the better-than-usual durability weren’t enough, several tests have now proven those fears to be confounded.

Burn-in Test

According to a test done by the Korean site Cetizen, iPhone X’s display is proven to be dramatically better than those of Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S7 Edge when it comes to braving through burn-ins.

For the purpose of testing, the three smartphone displays had their brightness turned up to full and given the static image treatment. They were observed for the first signs of burn-ins, as well as when they became permanent. It’s unclear if the peak brightness of the phones was measured or if they were kept at a similar brightness level.

Test Results

The iPhone X displayed burn-ins before the Galaxy Note 8 at 17 hours. However, it took 510 hours for the images to become permanently etched on its display which also marked the end of the test.

Compared to that, the Note 8 took 62 hours to show first signs of display burn-in, which is impressive. However, it had permanent marks way before the end of the test. The Galaxy S7 Edge showed signs of burn-in sooner than the iPhone X, however, it showed permanent burn-ins much later than the Note 8 and almost at iPhone X’s 510 hour mark.

Pixel XL 2 Debacle

Display burn-ins came under spotlight during the Pixel 2 XL fiasco, where the LG-made displays exhibited the issue just weeks into their purchase. The Cetizen test is unrealistic, as most people don’t use their phones at full brightness, which is when your phone is most-vulnerable to this issue. But it does give you a general idea of the display’s durability against burn-ins.

  • Amoled screens easily get permenant burn in’s and dead pixels its not surprise in real its hard for any user face this unless is dosent changes wall paper for months its not a issue

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