This Comic Artist’s 10-1-10 Challenge has Earned Him Millions of Followers

Drawing anything is fun, even if you’re not great at it.

Now drawing your favorite superheroes, that too in a minute or 10, that takes real skill and practice. Also its fun, as one artist shows you.

We take a look at a popular Instagram artist and his fun and absolutely phenomenal 10-1-10 drawing challenge.

About Mo Selim

Mo Selim is a Canadian DC fan who works in technology, designing TVs and Mobile Phones for a living. He has always been passionate about art, but began sharing it on social media very recently. Since then he has gained millions of followers.

The 10-1-10 Challenge

Selim does flawless portraits of Deadpool, Batman, Joker, Superman and every other character imaginable — but that’s not what would interest you. This artist can draw a Superman portrait in ten minutes!

It’s not a time lapse trick, and the details are perfect. It’s called the 10-1-10 challenge, and we must admit it’s impressive.

He’s done similar challenges for Iron Man, Hulk and other characters — and even invented his own Batman-Joker mix and then did a 10-1-10 on that!

Selim hopes that the 10-1-10 challenge can represent the value of spending your time well and giving people a laugh or two at the same time.

We understand that he’s obsessed with DC — Mo Selim has also managed beautiful digital art impressions (see below, or check out his Instagram) — but that’s not all. We think art freaks all over the world would attempt this 10-1-10 challenge. In fact, most comments on his Instagram posts suggest they already have!

We know our Superman — or any other character — would look like a complete joke, but Selim has been nice enough to post a how-to video. Here it is:

Selim’s Message to Pakistanis

In an interview to ProPakistani, Mo Selim advised artists to never underestimate the power of social media.

“My advice to any artist is to share your work on social media. You now have an entire world as a potential audience. This is something that was completely impossible up until just recently. A few years ago I could count on my fingers the number of people who had seen my artwork. So I can’t say enough about the value of social media.”

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