UBank Gets Rs. 1 Billion in Fresh Capital Injection

U Microfinance Bank has acquired an additional Capital Injection of PKR 1 Billion as Tier 1 from its sponsors, a press statement has said.

It said that this new injection will enable the Bank to further capitalize on the growth opportunities available in Pakistani microfinance sector.

Given the overall economic landscape, competitive environment and the opportunity to serve a considerably large underserved population, this capital injection will provide the necessary growth impetus for the Bank to leverage on.

U Microfinance Bank aims to serve traditional and non-traditional customers through disruptive innovation, by building efficiencies through digitization, going to last mile via brick and mortar and by adding unique customers in to its customer base.

U Microfinance Bank stands at the forefront of fighting poverty in Pakistan through economic enablement of underserved Pakistanis and takes pride in delivering on the National Agenda of National Financial Inclusion Strategy 2020 by contributing to bringing 10 million unbanked customers in to Banking net.

  • Zeeshan Saeed


  • Zeeshan Saeed

    who is the owner of this bank? assets or any other financial data is unavailable on the site ans they are offering 12% per annum profit compared to all other leading banks by 5%

    • this is because they charge 22-40% on micron loans they loan to previously non banked people.

      • Zeeshan Saeed

        shall i open account? is the capital guaranteed or protected by the Central bank in case of bankruptcy? how to verify

        • you should visit and inquire about terms and conditions and various scenarios in detail

  • Zeeshan Saeed

    the teleoperator has no clue about the banks services neither has any financial data