FBISE Introduce e-Marking System to Ensure Transparency in Paper Checking

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has decided to introduce an e-marking system in paper checking by adopting modern technology to ensure 100% transparency in the examinations.

The pilot project of the online marking system has been completed, said Chairman Federal Board Dr. Ikram Ali Malik on Monday.

In an exclusive talk with the media, Dr. Ikram Ali said that initially the computer science exam will be checked through the modern e-marking system during the next session. Later on, papers of other subjects will also be checked through this system.

FBSIE said that they had checked the papers of computer science through the e-marking system as a pilot project in the last session which remained successful. This project will save the teachers’s time and ensure transparency in the marking process, he added.

The online system would be centralized under which different questions of a paper would be sent to more than one teacher, the Chairman said adding that the teachers would send them back through the system, immediately after marking.

He said this system will ensure complete elimination of favoritism and other reservations often reported by the students.

  • This system is promoting the trend of parroting the text word to word which is really not a good approach. The students who memorize the text as it is would get high grades while the answers of the students in their own words will not match the predefined text of book and hence it would result in low grades for those students. I think board should put an eye over this issue and should resolve this problem of the students who write answers in their own words.

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