5 of the Coolest Gadgets from CES 2018

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the most anticipated annual tech shows in which companies show off their new inventions and innovations in Las Vegas.

Though most of the items displayed at the CES are consumer oriented, many of these items don’t make it to the actual market. Rather, the event allows the companies to display and demonstrate their prototypes and projects. This helps the consumer know what they might expect in the future and where the companies are currently putting their money.

Here are some of the most awesome items displayed at the CES 2018:

Sony’s Aibo 2018

Aibo is a good boy –  a good robotic boy to be exact and comes with 4,000 different components such as microphones, sensors, and cameras to detect the user’s movement and act accordingly.

Aibo is able to understand and recognize the owner using its sensors and stores data on a cloud-based service to prevent data loss in case of hardware damage. It remembers behaviours and actions which the owner likes and can even be trained with new tricks. A touch-sensitive surface body allows Aibo to detect pets from its owner too.

LG’s Rollup TV

LG managed to create a TV which can be bent and rolled into a small container. The TV has a size of 65-inches when fully unrolled and comes with a resolution of 4K.

It’s a pretty impressive addition because it was not possible to contain such a large TV with a 4K resolution before, making it easier for storage and transportation. It’s still unclear whether the TV will hit the consumer markets this year, it’s expected that it will take at least a few years to come into practical use.

Heatworks Tetra

The future of dishwashing – the Heatwork Tetra is actually pretty practical considering the amount of time and water it uses.

This dishwasher isn’t made to wash your dishes effectively, rather, it’s meant to do the washing process more efficiently and consumes only half a gallon of water per cycle and cleans the dishes using heated water. It’s expected to be available for purchase in the late 2018.

Byton – A ‘Truly’ Smart Vehicle

Funded and produced by a Chinese company, Byton reshapes the commuting experience and contains the most futuristic technology seen in the car-world so far.

Though it can’t match the performance burst or the price of a Tesla, it comes with better features and practicality. The dashboard houses a touchscreen stretching between both front pillars. it has a 10-inch length and a 49-inch width.

Byton focuses on “digital power” instead of horsepower, even the name “Byton” comes form the phrase “Bytes on Wheels”.

Razer Project Linda – Phone/Laptop Hybrid

After their gaming smartphone gained popularity – Razer unveiled their “phone\laptop hybrid” which allows you to turn your Razer smartphone into a laptop.

The “laptop” naimed Project Linda has a frontal slot – where laptops usually house the touchpad – in which a Razer smartphone can be mounted. The laptop uses the phone’s hardware to run and allows the phone to be used with a bigger display and a keyboard.

The Razer Phone works as a touchpad when connected to the dock and can be charged up to 3 times when docked.

This is great for gaming and performing functions which require a bigger screen and a bigger keyboard.

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