Cricketer Muhammad Irfan Turns Down US Citizenship

Pakistan’s left-arm pacer, Muhammad Irfan, has revealed that he had been offered to play for United State’s basketball team but he refused it.

Irfan, who stands 7 feet and 1 inches tall, claims that following his exclusion from Pakistan national side, he was approached by US basketball representatives who put forth the preposition.


In response to the offer, Irfan said:

I was offered to play basketball for the US national side, but I refused the offer as I only want to represent Pakistan.

The 35-year-old stated that he only has interest in serving Pakistan and no one else.

Pakistan is everything for me, what I am today is because of Pakistan. I want to play only for Pakistan.

After his constant refusal to agree to their terms, Irfan was offered America’s nationality as well. But Irfan stood firm and refused all the offers.

Here’s a video clip of him talking to a local media outlet and explaining what happened:

Although Irfan hasn’t featured for Pakistan on regular basis but his passion for the game and country is truly admirable.

Via ARYSports

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  • Well story is that he is going to play in bbl next year and he is going to seek an asylum or refugee status and also seek permanent residency in Australia. He seems to have contacted Fawad Ahmed (cousin of Yasir SHAH) regarding the same.

  • one thing is really fake what he is claiming to play for National side of U.S. There are so many great player there in American Basketball waiting for their opportunity. He might have been offered some contract by the league team.

    • One thing is for sure, our Generals don’t have dual citizenship like many of your politicians and businessmen and bureaucrats. Stop maligning defense agencies.

      • In which r u living dear. Most of Pak Gnerals are settled abroad and working abroad. Army chief Jahagir karamat settle abroad.Pasha Abroad. Admiral Fasih abroad. and so on

  • It seems people believe almost everything these days. He might have been offered a place in a small local league but the NBA or the USA team is out of the question. He is too old and lacks the athleticism for NBA.

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