IMC Suspends Dealerships Involved in Own Money Schemes

Toyota Indus Motor Company has debarred two of their dealers and cancelled their registration. Another dealer, has been fined Rs. 2 million.

The suspensions and penalization was imposed by IMC because these dealers were involved in ‘OWN money’ schemes and were making unfair orders to make extra profit.

The two suspended dealers are Toyota HN motors and Toyota Sargodha. The fined dealer is Toyota Garden Motors.

Toyota Sargodha Motors decided to keep a low profile and reporters have not been able to reach the administration. Toyota HN motors, however, confirmed their suspension and are no longer registered as an authorized IMC dealer.

Interestingly, Toyota HN said that their license was cancelled back in November 2017 through a temporary suspension. The company still has not been granted permission and are unable to provide cars and services for their customers.

Meanwhile, Toyota Garden Motors denied the existence of a Rs. 2 million fine. IMC is expected to make an official response so details are still uncertain.

Around 2 months ago, IMC cancelled around 1300 bookings after finding them to be made by ‘potential investors’ and even refunded the money paid for the orders – this was done to prevent those investors from securing commission and extra profit from selling these vehicles.

The dubious dealers offered faster delivery and other perks to their customers which encouraged them to paying more than what they would pay directly to the IMC. Toyota cars take too long to deliver, most customers were unhappy because a “new” car loses its charm and worth when it spends so long getting delivered.

Many encouraged this stern move by the IMC but the extremely long delivery period is also controversial.

  • I don’t understand why IMC is doing this? I mean if you want a car ASAP you can pay more to those who have invested their time and money. This is purely a trick by Toyota company to reduce availability of their cars in order to produce an artificial demand. I am sure they’re looking to increase the price of their cars too

  • All are involved in black money and over charging known as owns locally. ALl branches of IMC are invilved including the sales staff for example the thokar naiz baig branch as well as molten branch

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