Toyota Pakistan Targets Profiteers with 1300 Canceled Car Orders

The delayed delivery time of cars is a major issue in Pakistan these days. People who book brand new cars are forced to wait for months before they can receive their vehicle. The cars are dispatched so late that they lose the actual charm and worth which a brand new product carries.


The Indus Motor Company (IMC) has taken notice of the complications reported by their customers. It has ordered the management to cancel the bookings of over 1300 cars. The company will refund all the money of canceled cars to the ones who booked them.

The IMC took this stern action after reports, which revealed that the ‘potential investors’ had booked hundreds of cars so that they could sell it later and pocket the additional commission in the name of ‘OWN money’.

This bold move by Toyota company has been widely appreciated by the auto community. The people said that this step by Toyota is a lesson for other automakers and a warning for all those looters who steal people’s hard earned money in the name of commission and ‘own’.

The IMC has also released a list of all those Booking Numbers which they fear are ‘suspicious investors’. The company has announced that if someone believes that their name is on the list by mistake, they can inform the company as soon as possible because the company doesn’t want to bother real customers.

Furthermore, the company urged the brand lovers to book the cars only from the authorized 3S Toyota dealerships.


  • Abhi tu aur bhi buhat kuch hoga, Abhi Renault nay entry announce ki hai 1 ya 2 aur manufacturers anay do phir ye ghar ghar aye ge policy sell karnay.

  • I would say it is a Bold and Beautiful Step in right direction. Whosoever thought of this deserves an applause and promotion.

    • absolutely correct!
      Dealers book their car and in future they sell the paper to another with over charging, hence the stuck+earned money goes into the pockets of dealers. Poor them!!!
      My sir was also doing so let me brag him about this step :)

  • Baqi baatain aik taraf ye telenor ka autoplay video ads to band kardo , really annoying!

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